HealthChecker | Requested Plugin 0.3.5

View a player's health and hunger levels with a simple command!

  1. HealthChecker 0.3.5 | Minor Code Improvements

    This update of HealthChecker contains minor code fixes and small configuration changes.
  2. HealthChecker 0.3 | General Improvements & Bug Fixes

    This update of HealthChecker includes general code & plugin improvements & bug fixes such as the error given once typing a player username wrong.
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  3. HealthChecker 0.2 | Sound & Sound Configuration

    In this update of HealthChecker, we have added in sound effects & sound configuration. Players will now hear a sound of your choice via the configuration when they run any commands within the HealthChecker plugin unless toggled off.
  4. HealthChecker 0.1.5 | Small Permission Bug Fix

    This update of HealthChecker includes a small bug fix with our permissions, we were trying out something different and we noticed that this bug makes it so players who are opped do not get the permission, we were not aware of this at the time but we have fixed this bug and it should now be running smoothly.