HealthCustomizer v2.1

Change your health to whatever you want

  1. theTrixxter


    This Minecraft Plugin allows you to custom your "amount" of health! You can change your maximum health to any number you want!

    We recommend not to use numbers that are way too high, because the heart-icons stack on each other and will, otherwise, cover up a big part of your screen.

    Also there is a new Feature, now you can create an unlimited amount of Groups with "HCGroup" (with the permission "healthcustomizer.groupname") and set the Group-Health, so if you want to set health for only one group just add the permission to the group, in the config or ingame and you are done!

    (Note: 1 is half a heart so 20 is the normal amount of health!)




    new reviews are coming

    customizeable groups
    like vip but as much as you wish to create
    chooseable worlds
    deactivate/activate healthcustomizer in some worlds

    Download HealthCustomizer.jar

    Put HealthCustomizer.jar into your Plugins folder

    Run Minecraft and the Plugin should work perfectly!


    Feel free to donate to keep our projects alive


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