HeartsForKill 1.7 + 1.8

Get Hearts after you killed once!

  1. Allleexx

    Sorry for my not so god English ;/

    What does the Plugin HeartsForKill?

    This is a very helpfull Plugin. If you are in a Battle
    and you kill someone, you get hearts. How much Hearts you
    get, you can edit in the Config. (The max. is 15)

    Permissions & Commands

    No Permissions needed
    HeartsToAdd: 5
    Prefix: true
    Prefix: '[Hearts]'
    Effect-After-Kill: true
    Effect: potion_splash
    #You can enable or disable the MessageAfterKill, use true or false.
    MessageAfterKill: true
    Message: '%PREFIX% %HEARTS% Hearts added to you by killing %PLAYER%!'

    #Here is a list of Variables:
    %PREFIX% - Add Prefix
    %PLAYER% - Example: You killed %PLAYER%
    %HEARTS% - Show in Messages how much Hearts you get

Recent Reviews

  1. MrManuXZ
    Version: 1.7 + 1.8
    Thanks a lot! Worked for me on 1.12.2 :)

    Better than giving an gold apple to a player :3 :).
  2. iResy
    Version: 1.7 + 1.8
    Maybe at Potion effects after kill
    other then that nice plugin!!!
  3. mrcreeper6666
    Version: 1.7 + 1.8

    Wieder echt Cooles Plugin :3

    Es macht was es soll !

    Danke :D

    Wäre noch geil wenn man eine Nachricht bekommt !


    Du hast %Player% getötet , dafür wurdest du Geheilt !


    und die Message solte einstellbar sein (Die anzahl der Zeilen auch)

    Ok Das wars :3

    LG byDetrox/mrcreeper6666/ItzGalaxPvP <3
    1. Allleexx
      Author's Response
      Vielen Dank!
      Das wird im nächstem Update verfügbar sein!