HeksMOTD 1.0.0

Simple tool, to customize your MOTD

  1. hektor157
    HekTrack : HekTor157, s3mik

    With this tool you can simply change your MOTD, just by changing the config.


    Command: /hmreload
    Config reload.
    Permission: hm.reload


    Code (Text):
    MOTD: "motd"


    Simple One-Line config.
    Fast Reload.
    Support for all formatting tags(like colors etc.).
    Support for Bungee.
    Multi-line MOTD.


    HekTrack: mc.hektrack.com
    PM me, if you want to be here ;)

    If something doesn't work as it should, just PM me and I'll try to help you.

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    You are NOT allowed to share, upload or use code parts/snippets of this plugin without our consent.
    The respective Owner of this Software is
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Recent Reviews

  1. veganc
    Version: 1.0.0
    suport bunge?

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    1. hektor157
      Author's Response
      Right now, nope....
      But i'll add it to Future plans =)