Help Manager 1.1

Set up your /help command in game with /set!

  1. /set Command - Configuration Update!

    Coded in a /set command to allow you to set your help menu up from in game without ever having to touch a file! I believe it will parse & signs from the text file, if not, I will find a work around for that.

    If you have any issues with this, please let me know and I will do my best to fix them as quickly as possible!

    Command examples on the main page of the Spigot Skript page.
  2. Config File - Working On Edit Commands

    Help Manager now uses a "config.txt" configuration file which must be installed into your Plugins folder.

    Without properly installing this configuration file, the Skript will throw errors and will not work.

    This requires SkUtilities as well as the Default Skript plugin.

    This was added based on a suggestion from JaydenJinx - We are one step closer to you not having to edit a file in your plugins folder!
  3. Reload Command Update

    Edited the "/help reload" command to run from console, rather than running from the player as an Operator. Removes the [Skript] Reload message

    Thanks JaydenJinx
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  4. Documentation Fix

    A little bit of the Documentation was incorrect.