Help Me! [Open Source | Fully Configurable | Works on Any Server] 1.3.3

Players can now very easily request help from all staff members using one command! Staff can TP, god

  1. CMC_Smith
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    - This plugin is open-source

    Players can now very easily request help from all staff members using one command! Staff can TP, godmode, and more!
    Allows regular players to do "/helpme <reason>" - Then Allows Staff to do certain commands

    HelpMe allows a simple use of one command to alert all staff members that they are in need of assistance. Once a player is requests help, staff can then do one simple command to TP to the player and be assigned God Mode for two minutes, or do one other command to return back to their previous location.

    - Rework the Config to be easier to go about
    - Implement a GUI based system for staff rather then separate commands
    - Implement a 'Staff Mode' when doing /stafftp

    » /helpme <reason>
    Alerts all staff members with the permission node 'helpme.staff' that the player needs assistance and why.
    » /stafftp <player>
    Allows staff to TP to a player who has requested help. (Note: They MUST request help for staff to TP)
    » /staffback
    After a staff member has TPed to a player, there location is saved and this command allows them to return to there original position, removing there God Mode as well.

    Code (Text):

    #Remember to put a space at the start and end of messages with player names included
    #Messages relate to the /helpme command
    ErrorUsageHelpMe: "&3Error! Do /helpme <reason>!"
    ErrorShortHelpMe: "&3Error! Reason is to short!"
    ErrorLongHelpMe: "&3Error! Reason is to long!"
    SentToStaff: "&3Request Sent to Online Staff!"
    #This message is sent to staff, leave blank if you don't want that line. Remember, no tabs, only spaces when trying to center text
    ReasonSent: "&3A Cool Message using \n as a line breaker and %player% and %reason%"

    #Messages relate to /stafftp command
    ErrorUsageTP: "&3Error! Do /stafftp <player>"
    ErrorUsagePlayer: "&3This player isn`t online!"
    ErrorNeverRequest: "&3This player never requested help!"
    TPtoPlayera: "&3Teleporting to Player..."
    TPtoPlayerb: "&3You have been assigned God Mode for 2min. It will also be removed once you"
    TPtoPlayerc: "&3do /staffback to return to your previous location..."
    TargetRespond: "&3 %player% has responded to your help request!"
    ToStaff: "&3 %player% has responded to %target%"

    #Messages relate to /staffback command
    ErrorUsageStaffback: "&3Error! Just do /staffback!"
    ErrorNeverResponded: "&3You can not use this command right now!"
    Return: "&3Returned to previous location..."

    #Applies to all commands
    NotStaff: "&3You are not staff!"

    Things to Note:
    • This is my very first plugin! Go easy on me!
    • It is completely open-source, this is so I can have others review my code and help me in the future to not make silly mistakes!
    • This plugin is licensed under the MIT license

    If you have any suggestions, concerns, or corrections - Comment or PM me! Thanks

    If you like my plugin, feel free to leave feedback!

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Recent Reviews

  1. 16YELDARB
    Version: 1.3.2
    Works incredibly well and helps staff keep track of those that need help. No problems at all.
    1. CMC_Smith
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! Enjoy!