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Customize your /help

  1. Planeduo
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    • 1.16
    Customize your /help with HelpAdvanced.
    Help advanced does not require any other plugins just drop the .jar file into your plugins folder. This plugin lets you add plugins and commands you have on your server with just a bit of changing the config then all your players have to do is /help <the plugin they want help with>. There is also a helpchat where their message can go to a staff member.

    Code (Text):

    #the message displayed when a player types /help or /?
      - ""
      - "&l&1Welcome to the server!"
      - " "
      - "&r&aDo /help <one of the plugins below> to get help for that plugin"
      - "&r&9Do /helpchat <message> or /hc <message> to talk to a &cStaff Member"
      - " "
    #Staff members need the "" to recieve helpchat messages and players need "" to send messages
    #should it show the list of plugins after the help message
    show-plugins: "true"
    plugin-list-color: "&e"
    #the plugin list should be set out like this but without the hashtag at the begining:
    #  ExamplePlugin:
    #    commands:
    #      /example:
    #        description: "&aProvided as an example"
    #        usage: "/example <argument>"
    #    description: "&5 This plugin is here as an example"
    #  SecondExample:
    #    commands:
    #      /nextexample:
    #        description: "&aSecond Example"
    #        usage: "/nextexample <player>"
            description: "&aProvides gamemode creative"
            usage: "/gmc [<player>]"
            description: "&aProvides gamemode survival"
            usage: "/gms [<player>]"
            description: "&aProvides gamemode spectator"
            usage: "/gmsp [<player>]"
            description: "&aProvides gamemode adventure"
            usage: "/gma [<player>]"
        description: "Custom plugin"

    This is only V1.0
    recieve helpchat messages:
    send helpchat messages:

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