HelpFiles 1.0

Custom Help Files for your server. /help <page>

  1. Beuteugeu
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    This plugin allows you to add unlimited text files that can help the players to know more about something by typing only a single command: /help

    Commands & Permissions:

    Command - Info - Permission
    /help - Shows the Main Page. - helpfiles.*
    /help <PageName> - Shows the specified page. -<PageName>

    1. Download the file;
    2. Drag it to the plugins folder of your server;
    3. Run the server once;
    4. Make a file in the HelpFiles/Pages/ directory called Main.txt; (This will be the main help file.)
    5. You can now add whatever you want in it. If you want more files for more arguments, follow these steps: For the command "/help vip", you would have to create a file named vip.txt in the HelpFiles/Pages/ directory. And again, just put whatever you want in it;
    You don't even need to reload anything! Just edit the file, and it is instantly updated.

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