HelpGUI | Good way to provide help 1.0.0

Best way to provide assistance to your players

  1. IMinIILLuZionZ
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    HelpGUI Is a plugin to help assist your players in the form of a GUI, including customizable lore and item names, inventory name, inventory size and everything your players will enjoy.

    Core Features:
    • Customizable Item names, lore
    • Customizable Inventory size and name
    • Ability to send messages on click
    • Ability to perform commands on click
    • Reload command for easy configuration
    • /help (helpgui.use)
    • /helpgui (helpgui.reload)
    Upcoming Features:
    • More menus with customizable commands
    • Glowing items
    Code (Text):
    # Custom Help Gui Version 1.0.0
    # Developed by IMinIILLuZionZ
    # This plugin allows for an easy way to create
    # help GUI's for your players

    InvName: "&5&lHelp Menu" # Name of the Inventory Menu
    InvSize: 9 # Must be a multiple of 9

        ItemName: "&b&lHelp" # Name of the item in the inventory
        InvSlot: 5 # Slot the item is in the inventory
        ItemLore: # Lore of the item (Multiple Lines Support)
        - " "
        - "&bThis is an awesome menu"
        - " "
        Command: true # If you want a command to run on click
        ItemCommand: # Command run on click (Supports multiple commands)
        - "tell %player% Tell the owner to config me!"
        Message: true # If you want to send a message to the player
        ItemMessage: # Message to send (Supports multiple lines)
        - "&a&lAsk staff for help!"
        Material: DIAMOND_BLOCK
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Recent Reviews

  1. Durry_
    Version: 1.0.0
    Honestly, Great Help plugin. Just like all the other plugins this developer makes, there all just outstandingly well developed
    1. IMinIILLuZionZ
      Author's Response
      Thank you