HelpGUI 1.7.1

A inventory-based help-request-plugin!

  1. Andre_601
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    This plugin is currently in recoding!
    If you have a suggestions, feel free to open a issue on GitHub!


    Are you bored about help-request plugins, that are all like "/help [Name] <Message>"?

    Well... HelpGUI is YOUR choise!

    What is HelpGUI?
    HelpGUI is a simple and easy to use help-request-plugin!
    You just need to type /help or /h in the chat and a Inventory with the head of every player on the server opens!
    Now you can just click on a playerhead to ask for help!

    Simple as that!

    Commands and permissions
    • /help or /h
      Permission: helpgui.disablehelp
      Use the permission, to disable the command for certain players. (This has no effect to players with OP)
      Add a text after the command, to search for certain players, that have a name starting with the given argument.
    • /helpgui [help/reload] or /hgui [help/reload]
      Permission: helpgui.admin
      Help: Shows you all accessable hgui-commands.
      Reload: Reloads the yml-files.
    Other functions
    HelpGUI has some other functions, like...
    • A lang.yml to change the text, like you want!
    • Possibility to remove certain players from the Inventory. (config.yml -> DisabledPlayers)
      You can turn it into a whitelist. In this mode, only players, that are in the list will be visible in the Inv.
    • Possibility to disable the command in certain worlds. (config.yml -> DisabledWorld)
    • A Staff-Mode, that only shows players with the permission helpgui.admin
    • You can search for specific players with /h [Name]
    • You can search for groups with /h group:[Group]
      The groups need the permission group.<groupname> to work with this function.
      This is because it was designed, to support LuckPerms.
    1. Download the jar.
    2. Put it in the plugins-folder
    3. restart the server
    If you edit the lang.yml or the config.yml you just need to reload the files (/hgui reload)

    config.yml and lang.yml
    Code (gonfig.yml):
       # If true, only players with permission helpgui.admin are visible.
      EnableStaffMode: false
      # If true, only the players in the list below will be visible.
      ChangeToWhitelist: false
         # Here you can add players, that wont be shown in the HelpGUI.
        # They still can send a help-message!
        # To disable this you need to give them the permission
        # helpgui.disablehelp
        - player1
        - player2
        - player3
         # In this section are all worlds listet, in that you should not be able
        # to use /help.
        - Example_World
        - Example_World_the_end
        - Example_World_nether
    Code (lang.yml):
         # 'description' will be shown in the lore of the
        # Item in the Inventory
        InvTitle: '&8[&aHelp&2GUI&8] '
        Description: '&7Click on a playerhead to ask for help!'
        Search: '&bSearch Player!'
        InvTitle: '&8[&aPlayer&2Search&8]'
        # Will be displayed on the item.
        PlayersFound: '&aFound &2%count% &aplayer(s)!'
         # This are all messages of the plugin!
        PluginLoadet: 'HelpGUI successfully enabled!'
        HelpSend: '&7Help send to player &b{PLAYER}&7!'
        HelpRecieved: '&b{PLAYER} &7needs your help!'
        Disabled: '&cYou are not allowed to use this command'
        NotOnline: '&cThis player is not online!'
        DisabledWorld: '&cYou cannot use HelpGUI in this world.'
        ReloadSuccess: '&aFiles reloadet successfully!'
        NoPlayer: 'This command is only for players!'
        NoPlayersFound: '&cNo players found. :,('
        PlayerSearch: '&7Type &b/help [Player] &7to search for players.'
        NoGroup: '&cPlease add a groupname after group:'
        FewArgs: '&7To few arguments. Type &b/hgui help &7for commands.'
        UnknownArg: '&7Unknown argument. Type &b/hgui help &7for commands.'
        NoPerm: '&cSry. No Permission for that!'
        CommandDescription: |-
          &m----------{&a Help&2GUI
          &7Shows all /hgui commands
          &7Reloads the files.
    Check out my other plugin PingNachricht! Just click on the image below!
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    Version: 1.7.1
    hey, can you add timeout for each time / help???????????????????????????????????????????????????
    1. Andre_601
      Author's Response
      I don't really understand, what you actually want...
      Please give a better explanation in the discussion.
  2. instantout
    Version: 1.3
    Love The Plugin, It Suits the Needs for Players to Get Instant Help Also
    Good Developer, You Can Rely for him to Give you a Response within 24 hours.
  3. BlueYoshi68
    Version: 1.0.1
    i r8 8/8 would download again
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      Author's Response
      thanks. I'm happy, that you like it :)
  4. Jimkimhk
    Version: 1.0
    thx your idea is very good sorry my bad english.