HelpGUI 2.1.2

A inventory-based help-request-plugin!

  1. Internal changes

    This update just contains some internal changes.
    Nothing was added and nothing removed.

    I simply replaced the ConfigUtil with an enum.

    As always, when you find bugs, please report them on GitHub by making an issue!
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  2. Added PlaceholderAPI-support

    + PlaceholderAPI is now supported in the lore of the player head!

    You need to add the following parts to your config.yml:
    • PlayerLore underneath PrevPage
    • PlaceholderAPIFound and PlaceholderAPINotFound underneath VaultNotFound
    See the resource-page or GitHub for the new config.yml!
    Note that placeholders are only supported in PlayerLore...
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  3. Improvements

    Please check the GitHub-commits for a full changelog!

    + ShowBanner, NoPermission and ReloadNotifyPlayer to the config.yml
    You need to update the config manually. Check the resource-page or GitHub for the new config!
    + Permission helpgui.notify. Players with this permission get notified, when someone reloads the config.yml...
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  4. The huge recode-update!

    • This version of HelpGUI will only work on Spigot 1.13+
    • This is a BETA. Please test this plugin, before using it on a production server.
      Also please report any bugs, that you find on GitHub!
    + HelpGUI is now Open Source!
    + the GUI can now have multiple pages to use.
    + New config.yml which...
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  5. Possible Hotfix

    • Updated to spigot 1.12.2
      There is a chance, that you get a CommandException...
      I hope, that this is now fixed with this version.
      The setOwner-function in the spigot-API is deprecated now, but still functional (I hope.)
      Let me know, if you have any errors...
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  6. LuckPerms-Group support

    • LuckPerms-Support!
      If you have the plugin LuckPerms (By @Luck ) installed, you can now search for certain groups with /help group:<groupname>
      OPs will ALWAYS be shown in every group!
    • Group-message (lang.yml)
    NOTE: You...
  7. Playersearch changed and other things

    First of all: changed the Playersearch to a command, because, the anvilGUI is ok, but causes a error, that I can't fix.
    And the fact, that the plugin with that only works in one specific version, makes it not better!

    But here are the changes, that I made!

    • New Playersearch option.
      Just add a text after /help and the plugin will search for that player!
      If it founds at least one, that has the given text, it will add it to a...
  8. Update for 1.12 and minor Chatformat changes...

    Supportet Version: 1.12

    There is a error, that shows up, if you close the AnvilGUI.
    I'll try to fix it in a future version, but can't give a promise...


    • Updated to Spigot 1.12 (It works ONLY in this version!)
    • Changed the Text of the command descripition.
      You can now change the look of the commands displayed, when you type /hgui help.
  9. Hotfix

    Supportet version: 1.11.2


    • Fixed Error while you're using the commands in console,
      Thanks to @olgetxheko
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  10. Search-option

    From this version on, the plugin will only work for the written version.
    The reason is the added AnvilGUI.

    Supported version: 1.11.2

    • New Search-option.
      You can find it in the upper-right of the inv. Clicking on it will open a AnvilGUI.
      Type a playername in the textfield and the helprequest will be...