Herochat Chat Timer 2016-08-15

Herochat Chat Timer allows Herochat users to add and edit chat cooldowns in channels

  1. pixelgriffin
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Supports all Bukkit & Spigot versions

    Herochat Timer was created some time ago to help aid servers with Herochat who suffer from too much spam in popular chat channels. Herochat Timer provides a simple solution to creating chat cooldowns with configurable times and messages.
    • Configurable chat cooldown message
    • Simple per-channel chat cooldown solution
    • Each channel has a unique cooldown
    Code (Text):

    #the cooldown message sent when attempting to chat too quickly
    #[seconds] will be replaced with the seconds remaining for the player's cooldown and [channel] will be replaced with the name of the channel being chatted in
    cooldownMessage: ┬žeYou must wait [seconds] seconds to speak in [channel]!
    #below are chat cooldown settings, these can be changed in YML or by command
    Global: 5
    #When changing in YML make sure you follow the format of channel name and then cooldown integer (Name: time)
    Yell: 2

    ChatTimer.bypass: Allows a player to bypass any chat cooldown
    ChatTimer.set: Allows a player to set or remove a chat timer on any channel
    ChatTimer.*: Gives a player all the above permissions
    /timer set <channel> <time>: Sets a chat timer on the channel named <channel> with the cooldown time <time>. To remove a timer simply set the time to 0
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