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  1. Kainzo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    sleaker, Mung3r, Kainzo
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    Herochat 5

    A Chat Channel System for Herocraftonline.com ( play.hc.to )
    Herochat 5 is a complete rewrite of the previous version of Herochat. For those of you unfamiliar with Herochat, this plugin provides a highly configurable channel system for SMP chat. Herochat's primary purpose is to make player chat on large servers both manageable and readable. Each chat channel provides a chatroom for channel members to discuss in without broadcasting messages to everyone on the server at once. Players can be in multiple channels at once but can only have one active or focused channel that they speak in at a time.

    Main Features
    • Configurable chat channels
    • Password protected channels
    • Permissions based protections for almost every imaginable action
    • Channel moderation (kicks, bans, mutes, etc.)
    • Quick messaging (messaging another channel without changing your active channel)
    • Private messaging (/msg or /tell) including persistent private conversations
    • Simple integration with most chat tags from other plugins (eg. Towny, Factions)
    • Regex-based message censorship
    This plugin requires Vault

    Permission Purpose
    • herochat.create allows channel creation
    • herochat.save allows forcing saves on player/channel data
    • herochat.reload allows forcing reloads on player/channel data
    • herochat.mod allows use of /ch mod
    • herochat.mute allows use of /ch mute
    • herochat.pm allows use of /msg
    • herochat.emote allows use of traditional emotes
    • herochat.emote.<channel> allows using emotes in a channel
    • herochat.join.<channel> allows joining a channel
    • herochat.leave.<channel> allows leaving a channel
    • herochat.speak.<channel> allows speaking in a channel
    • herochat.kick.<channel> allows kicking from a channel
    • herochat.ban.<channel> allows banning from a channel
    • herochat.mute.<channel> allows muting in a channel
    • herochat.remove.<channel> allows deleting a channel
    • herochat.color.<channel> allows &c style colors in chat
    • herochat.info.<channel> allows use of /ch info on a channel
    • herochat.autojoin.<channel> forces automatically joining a channel upon first login
    • herochat.focus.<channel> gives the ability for players to focus the channel
    • herochat.force.join.<channel> forces a player to join a channel on every login
    • herochat.force.leave.<channel> forces a player to leave a channel on every login
    • herochat.modify.nick.<channel> allows changing a channel's nick
    • herochat.modify.color.<channel> allows changing a channel's color
    • herochat.modify.distance.<channel> allows changing a channel's distance
    • herochat.modify.format.<channel> allows changing a channel's format
    • herochat.modify.shortcut.<chanenel> allows changing whether a channel allows quick messaging
    • herochat.modify.password.<channel> allows changing a channel's password
    • herochat.modify.verbose.<channel> allows changing whether a channel shows join/leave messages
    • herochat.admin.stealth allows being hidden from 'No one hears you' detection
    • herochat.admin.unignore allows the user to not be ignored
    • herochat.color.colortype.channel allows for bold/italics/etc (only in latest dev)
    Some of these permissions are granted automatically to moderators of a channel (these can be changed in the main config). Most servers will want to grant everyone herochat.join.*, herochat.speak.* and herochat.leave.* and then revoke permissions for restricted channels using the appropriate negated permissions (eg. ^herochat.join.staff in bPermissions).

    Channels are created using /ch create <name> [<nick>] which takes the channel's name and nickname (optional) as arguments. Once this is done, a configuration file for the channel is created in plugins/Herochat/channels. The channel's settings can then be modified either by hand or via the "/ch set" command in game. Type /ch set ? to get more information on this command. The available configuration settings are listed and explained below.

    If you make changes by hand (via a file editor) you can use /ch reload to load the changes. This will overwrite any changes made by commands in-game during this time. On the other hand, if you want to force a save of changes made via in-game commands, you can use /ch save.

    Setting Description
    • name - the channel's name
    • nick - the channel's nickname
    • password - the channel's password (leave blank for no password)
    • color - the channel's color (use the codes or common names from Wiki)
    • distance - the maximum distance between players for messages to be heard (0 is global)
    • shortcut - Allowed allows use of /<nick> <msg> to quickly send messages without changing focus
    • worlds - a list of the channel's allowed worlds
    • bans - a list of banned players
    • mutes - a list of muted players
    • moderators - a list of moderators
    • format the channel's format (see the Message Format Tags section for available tags)
    • verbose - enables join/leave messages
    • focusable - enables setting a channel as active with /ch <channel>
    Message Format Tags
    Tag Replacement
    • {default} the default format (found in config.yml)
    • {name} the channel's name
    • {nick} the channel's nick
    • {color} the channel's color
    • {msg} the message
    • {sender} the sender's display name
    • {plainsender} the sender's user name
    • {world} the sender's world
    • {prefix} the sender's prefix
    • {suffix} the sender's suffix
    • {group} the sender's primary group
    • {groupprefix} the sender's primary group prefix
    • {groupsuffix} the sender's primary group suffix
    • {convoaddress} To or From (only used for private messages)
    • {convopartner} the sender or receiver (only used for private messages)
    Versions 5.5 and later of Herochat support internationalization. The locale is specified by the 'locale' setting in config.yml, which defaults to en_US (English/America). Available localizations currently include en_US (English/America), de (German), and pt_BR (Portuguese/Brazil). If you are interested in localizing Herochat into a language not listed here, please let me know through a PM.

    For Developers
    You can find out information about channel-based messages by listening for a ChannelChatEvent. This custom event contains the message sender (a Chatter object), the channel the message is being sent to, the result of the messaging attempt (a Chatter.Result object), and the original Bukkit PlayerChatEvent that resulted in the ChannelChatEvent. If you change the channel the message is being sent to, you should call event.setResult(event.getSender().canSpeak(newChannel)) unless you want to ignore the normal checks before sending the message.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • Q: What does <channel> mean in the permissions?*
    • A:* The <channel> part of a permission should be replaced with the appropriate channel's name in all lowercase.
    • Q: How do I get this to show data from plugin XYZ?*
    • A:* Every plugin handles chat modifications differently. Many plugins will search a message's format for a particular string (such as {town} in Towny's case) and replace it with a piece of data. You will need to refer to each plugin's documentation to see what it expects in the message format.
    • Q: Why doesn't autojoining work?*
    • A:* Granting the herochat.autojoin.<channel> permission only has an effect the FIRST time a person logs into the server. More specifically, this only takes effect if the player doesn't have a chatter file when they log in. If a user has logged in before (with Herochat active) then their previous channels will be loaded and autojoins will have no effect. This behavior has not changed from previous version of Herochat.
    • Q: Why do all my messages say [world] when I have no {world} tag in the channel format?*
    • A:* Another plugin is adding the [world] text. The most common culprit is Multiverse. Consult the Multiverse config to disable it.
    • Q: What are all the commands?*
    • A:* Type /ch help in-game to see a list of Herochat's commands. You can get more detailed information on a particular command by providing a question mark (?) as the first and only argument, i.e. /ch join ? will provide more information on the join command.
    • Q: Can you remove a command? XYZ command is conflicting with another plugin.*
    • A:* Bukkit still doesn't allow dynamic unregistration of commands AFAIK, so this isn't possible. What you can do, however, is open up the plugin.yml file inside Herochat.jar and remove any unwanted commands/aliases.
    • Q: Why are my admins kicked out of every channel when they relog?*
    • A:* You're probably using PEX and you've probably given your admins * as a permission. This means they are given the herochat.force.leave.* permission and are forced out of every channel when they log in. You'll need to stop granting * or negate the herochat.force.leave.* permission to fix this.
    Issue reports and feature requests for HeroChat should be posted on in this thread. You can also join #Heroes on the esper.net IRC server to ask questions.

    As many of you know, creating and maintaining plugins like this one requires a lot of time and effort. If you enjoy using Herochat, please consider donating to support its development.

    Donate to Us!

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Recent Reviews

  1. TylerS1066
    Version: 5.6.5 re-up
    For it's time this plugin was the best chat plugin. Integrations and bungeecord worked well.

    Past 1.10, we've moved away since this is no longer maintained.
    1. Kainzo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      We've actually moved to Herochat Pro. It has more features, etc and is being maintained
  2. MizarBigDipper
    Version: 5.6.5 re-up
    100% the best chat plugin with channels. I've tried VentureChat, uChat, LegendChat, MultiChat and many more but all of them either had bugs, errors or were hard to set up. Herochat is very simple and easy to use. It's also a very perfected plugin with hardly any errors or bugs. The configuration is simple and the command are convenient. I'd recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a good chat plugin. Only downside that I had was that the free version doesn't have cross server chat. But that's not that important. Fantastic Job on this plugin!!!
    1. Kainzo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 star!
  3. TheLukeGuy
    Version: 5.6.5 re-up
    You leave 1.12 support for only the premium version. It's such a simple concept and plugin that it doesn't need to be paid. After figuring out this doesn't support 1.12, I made my own in a custom coded plugin for my server. Not that hard. Update it for 1.12 and I'll rerate and re redownload.
    1. Kainzo
      Author's Response
      Decompiling our code and changing it for your own use is a violation of our license.
      Taking this route will leave you open for legal action.
  4. Palle995
    Version: 5.6.5 re-up
    Very good Plugin. I have a Problem herochat is in Trouble with Factions and i dont know how i can fix that i have heroechat essential no essentials Chat and factions on the serve an i become double Messages.
    can you help?
  5. Nixx
    Version: 5.6.5
    Hi if you can tell me how to force players to join a channel on a world change i'l give 5 stars, very good plugin, i just cant figure out how to do that
  6. XCodingX
    Version: 5.6.5
    It dosen´t work on 1.8.8 Spigot :( Pls fix that.
    Sorry for my English, iam from Austria.

    1. Kainzo
      Author's Response
      Working just fine here. Please post actual bug reports on the thread or our bug tracker.
  7. FCRev
    Version: 5.6.5
    Old server I played on like 4 years ago used this plugin, and I loved it ever since. Now I'm creating my own server and I needed it! Thanks for the continual development on the plugin, love the dedication!
  8. Reborn915
    Version: 5.6.5
    Good plugin, BUT all msg are send 2 times, one in the "chat" without channel i think, and 1 in the global channel. But i want that all players the the global channel as the default. Then if smone talk only 1 msg global send. If u can help me
    1. Kainzo
      Author's Response
      If you are seeing double messages, you have a conflicting chat plugin. This is a mature sourced project with very little issues, issues usually stem from other plugins.
      Please do not leave bug reports in feedback and post them instead @ http://hc.to/redmine
  9. RogueRage
    Version: 5.6.5
    Fantastic plugin. Use it on my entire network. It cleans up the chat nicely and works with ChatColor.

    Only issue that we have is integration with MarriageReloaded, but we don't require it.
  10. StokaCrew-Craft
    Version: 5.6.5
    Developer of this plugin has not support page, there's no any tutorial or 'how to do' nothing is explained anywhere! Really I don't recommended this plugin absolutely doesn't fulfill anything what is said in ''Features''!
    1. Kainzo
      Author's Response
      It fulfills everything it says in features... Is english not your primary language?