HerochatBungeeBridge - Bungee 1.1.0

Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

  1. Rewrite

    I've rewritten the plugin with whitelisting capabilities again.
    I've removed the need for any other plugins.
    Also, there is a new command: /bungeechatreload which reloads the config.
  2. Remove BungeeYAML

    Since BungeeYAML is dead, I've removed support for it. The channel whitelist has been removed too.
    Please test this version, I haven't really had an opportunity to.
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  3. Channel Blacklist - NOT Backwards Compatible!

    I've updated it so you can specify a blacklist/whitelist and channels you want to be communicated.
    Requires BungeeYaml! http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungeeyaml.14/
    Thanks roblabla :)
    Generates a config automatically - please report errors!
  4. Bugfix

    Oops, didn't actually seem to export it correct last time, works now, for whatever reason.