hEssentials 1.0.1

A lightweight package containing most essential server features!

  1. Hempfest
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Illuminatiiiiii, Modify
    Languages Supported:
    Multi-Language (View "Feature" section below)
    A light weight multi-use core plugin containing useful
    server staff and user commands/features.


    The 3 linked plugins within the zip file are in order:
    - hEssentials :

    The core plugin containing all the base features. Player join access management, player private claiming, private homes.
    It contains a "Help.yml" config where you can customize the /help command, also a "Messages.yml" config where you can edit message formats. (More to be added) Currently 3 message files can be pre-generated: English, Espanola & Portuguese

    - hEssentialsChat :
    The chat handling plugin for the core.
    This plugin requires both hEssentials & hPermissions to work.

    - hEssentialsPermissions :
    This is my own personal permissions plugin, it is multi-world based.
    Upon installing with hEssentials it will pre-generate most permissions for you! For a full command list see the information below.
    Do note that hPermissions (hEssentialsPermissions) will and can run as a standalone without the need of hEssentials or hEssentialsChat or even Vault.

    The zip file also contains an "Extras" folder containing my other 3 plugins:
    - BuddyUp! : A lightweight player allying system
    - GoldEconomy : A lightweight vault based economy system
    - MobRewards - An addon for GoldEconomy that rewards mob killing.


    /claim - opens the help menu for private claiming
    /sethome - sets a private home
    /delhome - deletes a private home
    /homes - view your private home list
    /home - teleports to a private home
    /help - view the customized help menu
    /tpa - send a teleport request to a player
    /message - message an online player
    /reply - reply to an online player
    /who - Check whos currently online
    /track - Track a nearby player

    /ban - ban an online/offline user
    /kick - kick an online user
    /kickall - kick all online users
    /unban - unban a banned player
    /day - change the time for everyone to day
    /night - change the time for everyone to night
    /fly - toggle flight for yourself
    /gamemode - switch gamemodes for yourself or others
    /gmc - switch to gamemode 'Creative'
    /gms - switch to gamemode 'Survival'
    /give - give an online player items
    /item - give yourself items
    /invsee - view an online players inventory
    /mutechat - mute global chat for everyone.
    /socialspy - toggle message spying
    /staff - open the staff GUI
    /suffix - change the suffix of yourself or another player
    /teleport - teleport to another player or teleport a player to another player
    /whois - view an online/offline players game information
    /hload - Update all configs to the latest
    /he - reload all configs
    /help staff - view the customized staff menu
    /homelist - view an online/offline players private home list
    /playerhome - teleport to an online/offline players private home


    - hessentials.staff
    - hessentials.staff.ban
    - hessentials.staff.kick
    - hessentials.staff.kickall
    - hessentials.staff.unban
    - hessentials.staff.updateconfig
    - hessentials.staff.day
    - hessentials.staff.night
    - hessentials.staff.fly
    - hessentials.staff.gamemode
    - hessentials.staff.gamemode.creative
    - hessentials.staff.gamemode.survival
    - hessentials.staff.gamemode.other
    - hessentials.staff.give
    - hessentials.staff.give.other
    - hessentials.staff.homes.use.others
    - hessentials.staff.invsee
    - hessentials.staff.mutechat
    - hessentials.staff.reload
    - hessentials.staff.socialspy
    - hessentials.staff.chat.suffix
    - hessentials.staff.teleport
    - hessentials.staff.teleport.others
    - hessentials.staff.playerinfo
    - hessentials.homes
    - hessentials.homes.set
    - hessentials.homes.use
    - hessentials.homes.delete
    - hessentials.homes.infinite
    - hessentials.homes.#
    - hessentials.claim
    - hessentials.claim.infinite
    - hessentials.claim.#
    - hessentials.claim.locate
    - hessentials.claim.set
    - hessentials.claim.delete
    - hessentials.claim.adduser
    - hessentials.claim.removeuser
    - hessentials.claim.teleport
    - hessentials.claim.list
    - hessentials.chat.suffix
    - hessentials.chat.suffix.others

    - hpermissions.group.add.permissions
    - hpermissions.group.add.inheritance
    - hpermissions.group.remove.permissions
    - hpermissions.group.add.inheritance
    - hpermissions.group.list.permissions
    - hpermissions.group.create
    - hpermissions.user.add.permission
    - hpermissions.user.remove.permission
    - hpermissions.user.set.group
    - hpermissions.user.add.group
    - hpermissions.user.remove.group
    - hpermissions.group.list
    - hpermissions.group.reload
    - hpermissions.user.reload
    - hpermissions.group.delete

    Drag and drop them into your "plugins" directory of your spigot server
    It's as easy as 1...2...3.

    Restart your server.

    hEssentials : Requires Vault.
    hEssentialsChat : Requires hEssentials & hPermissions
    hEssentialsPermissions : No requirements :)

    Click the image above to be transferred to the support discord.
    Turn in suggestions, problems or request changes.

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