HexBoss 1.1

HexBoss is a fun mini-boss with 100% customizeable.

  1. toxxic
    HexBoss was a private plugin I created for a server. Unfortunately, they charged back after it being created (they still are using it), so I am releasing it.

    The plugin released has a lot of configuration. The default configuration will work but is not recommended. This plugin spawns in a "boss" (wither skeleton), have a bossbar (requires bossbar), and every interval of seconds, will spawn "minions" (baby pigzombies), to attack you as well.
    There is a set limit on how many pigzombies will spawn, and the boss has full functionality to work if the server crashes/anything bad happens.

    By default, the reward for killing the boss is a nether star with a custom name and lore.


    Both of those bossbar versions need to be on your server for it to work right.

    • Custom Spawn (world and coords).
    • Boss Spawn interval
    • Minion spawn interval
    • Command to check time before next boss spawn
    • Force a boss spawn command
    • Custom Spawn and Death Messages
    • Minion limit
    • Random spawn of minions
    • Custom drop reward
    • And More
    • hexboss time - check time before boss spawn.
    • hexadmin [minute to spawn] - spawn the boss in [minutes]

    • hexboss.time:
      • default: op
    • hexboss.admin:
      • default: op
    Code (Text):
    # Version 1.1 of HexBoss
    # Author Brannon Blair.
    # Skype: yodamonkey5
    # Use &[color code] for colors.
    # Boss Interval in Minutes
    # Minion Interval in Seconds
    # Minion Range of how many you want to spawn at a time. 5 = Random number 0-5.
    # item_name is the name of the item in all caps. (supports color codes)
    # name: is the name of the item when you hover over it(supports color codes)
    # lore is the lore of the item.(supports color codes)

    bossBarsName: '&C I WILL WRECK YOU'
    boss_interval: 2
    minion_interval: 10
    boss_spawn: '&cBoss has spawned'
    boss_death: '&cBoss has died'
    boss_name: '&bHex&aBoss'
    max_health: 201
    set_health: 200
    haste_level: 2
    strength_level: 2
    speed_level: 2
    minion_name: '&dMinions'
    minion_max_health: 31
    minion_set_health: 30
    minion_range: 5
    minion_max: 25
    World: 'world'
    X: -57.0
    Y: 67.0
    Z: 273.0
    item_name: 'NETHER_STAR'
    name: '&6&lHextoken'
    lore: '&7Trade these for rare items'
    lore1: '&7at &c/spawn!'
    Post your server if you are using it. I will list them here. I will check periodically to keep the list up to date.

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  1. trash333
    Version: 1.1
    I'm so happy that i finally found a plugin that i need it to do these thinks.
    Thank you so mutch you are just awesome!
  2. francois
    Version: 1.1
    we loved this plugin omg only things we want is custom rewards or just make them commands to give the player to dealt the most or last hit the reward.