hFix - Tools to improve your server 1.9

Fixes for your server and fully configurable.

  1. Menu and Optimizations

    In this version the expected menu with some options was implemented, at the moment cleaning of chunks and cleaning of mobs is available.
    In the configuration there is now the possibility to filter who the function will exclude!

  2. Mobs per chunk limiting feature.

    In this version, the function of limiting mobs per chunk was added.
  3. Fix issue on 1.17 and alert update.

    The warning feature has been added when there are updates and temporarily disabled lagfix from version 1.17.
  4. Update for optimizations functionality.

    This update has implemented a feature that is in testing, leave your feedback.
  5. Optimizations and improvements

    The new update is bringing the AntiVoid part with complete optimization and precaution of possible errors, besides the English translation of its config.