Hibernia Report | Show Player / Bug Reports on your discord server! (Webhook) 1.1.0

Manually or automatically send embed reports to your discord server

  1. Discord.com API fix, new embed format, changes under the hood

    Thanks for continuing to use HiberniaReport.
    Most of the changes included in this update are under-the-hood assuming you are not operating your own forks.

    There are no configuration change updates in this update besides comments, so there is no changes on your behalf

    - Added Author headers with player heads and links to namemc profiles.
    - Reformatted Embeds
    - Added support for console-sent reports for automation purposes.
    - Updated discord-webhooks bringing support for the discord.com...
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  2. v1.16.1 support, GPL formalisation

    Added v1.16.1 support, formally added GPL licensing and copyright notices
  3. 1.15.2 | BUG FIXES | LAST UPDATE

    Last official upgrade. This plugin is going to be replaced with a much better equivilent.

    • 1.15.2 support
    • fixed two bugs.
    Support ends completely on May 1st 2020