HiberniaAnnounce 1.0.0

Broadcast and title announcement system.

  1. Paradaux
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    User Customizable.
    Hibernia Announce is an incredibly lightweight and (hopefully) version agnostic plugin going into the future. It's aimed to be as customizable as possible so its users can make it into whatever they like.

    If you would like to start integrating your discord server into your MC server check out my other plugins; HiberniaDiscord and HiberniaReports!

    Having difficulty? Want to request features? Want to suggest future plugin ideas? Join my development discord here.

    PlaceholderAPI support is not currently implemented but will be upon demand.

    Currently, there is support for two in-house placeholders:
    Code (Text):
    Which is a configurable prefix for system messages.
    Code (Text):
    Which sends the specified message following the command.

    There's only one permission:
    Code (Text):
    which gives the user the ability to make an announcement with /announce

    1. Download HiberniaAnnounce using the button above.
    2. Drag HiberniaAnnounce-1.0.0.jar into your plugins/ folder.
    3. (Re)start your server to generate the configuration file
    4. Navigate to plugins/HiberniaAnnounce and open config.yml
    5. Edit to your heart's content.
    6. Grant users you want to have the ability to announce the following permission:
      Code (Text):


    The default configuration is rather bland and it is intended to be a generic server announcement plugin with the added feature of titles. These, however. Can be disabled to be chat-message only or title only, it's up to you.

    You can grab the default configuration in the spoiler below, should yours become corrupt or invalid.

    Code (YAML):
    # Notice: This is a quick and dirty plugin to announce both in-game and via a title. This was to help a friend of mine and I decided to make it public as more of an example
    # If this gets sufficient interest I'll actually support it and make it half-decent like my other plugins.

    # Placeholders:
    # - %announcement% -> Content of the announcement.
    # - %message-prefix% -> Chat prefix. Defined below.
    # This does not support PAPI, Again, I'll add support if it's requested

      # This appears when you use the %message-prefix% placeholder
       # And it also appears, by default in chat announcements.
    : "&7[&aHibernia&7-&aAnnouncement&7]&r"


      # The message that appears when the player doesn't have hiberniaannounce.announce
    : "%message-prefix% &4You have insufficient permission."

    # Chat Message Announcement settings.

      # How the announcement appears.
    : "%message-prefix% %announcement%"

      # Enable Chat Message broadcasts.
      # Disable this if you only want title based broadcasts.
    : true

    : "&4Announcement!"
    : "%announcement%"

      # How long the text fades in for
    : 10

      # How long the announcement is there for
    : 80

      # How long the text takes to fade out.
    : 10

      # Enable title broadcasts.
      # Disable this if you only want chat based broadcasts.
    : true

    # Do not mess with this unless you know what you're doing.
    : 1.0

    N.B Times are in server ticks, not seconds.