HideAllPlayers 2.1

Hide other players (with world support)

  1. arnofrutos
    Ever wanted a plugin to hide the players with a simple command or using any item? Well then I have where you are looking for. This plugin hides all player using any item you can change in the config or by using the easy command /hideallplayers. (This plugin is usefull for lobby / hub servers or for huge game servers)

    1. Put the jar-File in your plugins folder.
    2. Restart your server or type /reload.
    3. Edit your config.
    4. Reload or Restart the server!
    • /hideallplayers - This commands hides all players from your sight.
    • /showall - Show all players
    • /hideall - Hide all players
    • Right Click the item defined in the command to hide all players. (DEFAULT: netherstar)
    • hideallplayers.use : Allows you to do use the command and right click item abbility
    • hideallplayers.exept : Users with this permission will not be hiden !
    Add no spam function so users can't spam the command and / or item !

    Servers using this plugin:

    [​IMG] play.mc-haze.com

    Your server here? Make a comment with the ip so we can check you are using the plugin.

    Do you have some tips for this plugin just make a little command or a ticket.
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  1. Update to 1.7.9

Recent Reviews

  1. Atracador
    Version: 2.1
    Doesn't work in 1.9, will it be updated soon? It worked perfectly in 1.8.* versions, hope to see it active again!
  2. Moiza
    Version: 2.1
    EL plugin es bueno pero deverias de poner que se configuren todos los mensajes los de no permoisos y eso :D
  3. Elijah
    Version: 2.1
    Nice plugin! Hey can you add an option to where you can enable/disable moving the item and dropping the item? Thanks for your time!