HideAndCustomPlugins v1.8.1

Hide your Serverinformation!

  1. LauseggerMichael
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    1.12.x compatible



    HideandCustomPlugins is a simple plugin which disables many commands, which show information about your plugins and replaces the message with custom plugin names in the config.yml. You can also edit the message of all disabled commands. With HideandCustomPlugins you can still auto-complete player names!


    • The commands /plugins , /pl, /bukkit: plugins, /bukkit: pl, /bukkit:? and /? are replaced with fake plugins, which can be configured in the config.yml!
    • The commands /ver , /version , /gc , /icanhasbukkit, /a, /about, /bukkit:version,/bukkit:ver, /bukkit:about, /bukkit:a and /bukkit:help are disabled.
    • auto-completion is disabled in the commands /[TAB], /a [TAB], /about [TAB], /icanhasbukkit [TAB], /ver [TAB], /version [TAB], /? [TAB], /bukkit:a [TAB], /bukkit:about [TAB],/bukkit:ver [TAB], /bukkit:version [TAB] and /bukkit:? [TAB].
    • The command /help can be disabled in the config.yml and there is a custom message for it.
    • All messages can be disabled in the config.yml and then the player can see nothing, when he is typing one of the listed commands
    • You can choose between many of different sounds and potions, which should be used.
    • The plugin has an update notification. There is a node called updateNotification in the config.yml and you can disable this if you set this to false.
    Required dependency

    You need Protocollib for this plugin!

    Commands and Permissions

    Angle brackets ( < > ) are absolutely necessary and Brackets ( [ ] ) indicate optional parameters.

    command description permission
    </hcp> | Shows Information about the plugin.|hideandcustomplugins.info
    </hcp reload> | Reload of the config.yml | hideandcustomplugins.reload
    </hcp blacklist> |Shows a list with the blocked commands. | hideandcustomplugins.blacklist
    </hcp add> [cmd] | Add a command to the blacklist. | hideandcustomplugins.add
    </hcp remove> [cmd] | Remove a command from the blacklist | hideandcustomplugins.remove
    Bypasses the plugin | hideandcustomplugins.bypass
    Only for operators. | hideandcustomplugins.*

    How To Install

    • Ensure you have Java 7 installed!
    • Download the .jar
    • Put it into your plugins folder.
    • Start your server.
    • Edit the config.yml in the HideAndCustomPlugins Folder.
    • Type /hcp reload to reload the config.yml
    • Configure permissions.
    • And now it works!
    Important Links

    You can see the SourceCode in my Github Account.
    You can see the changelog here.
    Here is the Configuration Tutorial.

    English Plugin Review by Wukkit:

    English Tutorial!

    German Plugin Review by BukkitFAQ:

    German Tutorial!

    Plugin Reviews in other languages:



    This plugin uses Metrics. It collects system information, player count, server and plugin version information and sends it to mcstats.org. If you don't want this information to be sent, go to plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true.

    This plugin uses bstats. It collects system information, player count, server and plugin version information and sends it to bstats.org. If you don't want this information to be sent, go to plugins/bstats/config.yml and set enabled to false.
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Recent Updates

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  2. v1.8
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Recent Reviews

  1. Duwan
    Version: v1.8.1
    Not working on 1.8.8..

  2. _8D_
    Version: v1.8.1
    Not working on 1.14.2! Would be a good plugin if it works on all game versions. Plz Update to 1.14.2
  3. Inamine
    Version: v1.8.1
    Works by using version 1.7.2, current latest version does nothing, but by switching to version 1.7.2 everything started working fine.
  4. ThatsThomas
    Version: v1.8.1
    It's a good plugin to keep your plugins safe from people trying to steal them. But I'd love to see that you could also make a own message when players try to do /pl or /plugins and not have fake plugins instead.
  5. HexedHero
    Version: v1.8.1
    1.8+ Just doesn't work at all, nice going... 1.7.3 works better than the legit SUPPORT update for 1.12...
  6. FroZen_F7
    Version: v1.8.1
    It used to be a really good plugin! But later i accidently removed a permissions wich i think did so people can see the plugins of my server so iam wondering if could help me fix that again
  7. Ewans_XD
    Version: v1.8.1
    The plugin is great however v1.8.1 and v1.8 are broken, the /? [TAB] is not blocked and /pl does not show config plugins. I recommend using v1.7.3 as it is the lastest fully functioning version at the time of me writing this review.
  8. alexander_q
    Version: v1.8.1
    G'day. Installed with no errors, however, no HideAndCustomPlugins folder, no config file, no hidden plugins. Spigot 1.12.2, ProtocolLib installed
  9. Willmaster04
    Version: v1.8.1
    Ok cant find its plugin data file - bit of a problem, I've tested thats it running with the cmds just cant find its file
  10. Pavesieli
    Version: v1.7.3
    Perfect --------------------------------------------------------------------------- <3 Thx