HideBed — open world BedWars 1.1.1

1.16 bed wars open world game

  1. Unfex
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    BedWars, but in the open world. This game is created for a group of friends to play on a private server.
    There are no settings here, the only command is /hidebed start

    For the plugin to work, you must install Netherboard plugin: https://github.com/MinusKube/Netherboard/releases/download/v1.2.1/Netherboard-Bukkit-1.2.1.jar

    Stage 1. Choose your team.
    The game will start in 20 seconds. All players who did not choose a team will be spectators.

    Stage 2. Place your bed.
    In this stage, you can't fight other players or break their beds.

    You have 5 minutes to hide your bed and cover it with any blocks.
    If you want to change the time, start the game with second command argument: /hidebed start [seconds to hide beds]


    Stage 3. Break the beds of your opponents.
    Use the compass in your inventory to find the beds.
    Once you've broken the team's bed, kill all its members to win.

Recent Reviews

  1. Re4er
    Version: 1.0
    An interesting plugin, in some ways more interesting than the usual bedwars, but there is not enough customization, for example, time to put the bed. Also, I noticed a small defect, after the game, the tab shows what color the player was. Basically, I liked everything.
    1. Unfex
      Author's Response
      ty! the plugin has been updated, now you can use /hidebed start [seconds to hide beds]. the bug with nicknames seems to be fixed.