HideNickNames 3.1.1

Hide player nicknames

  1. Plugin development has been temporarily suspended

    Plugin development has been temporarily suspended. Now I am studying the work with the "ProtocolLib" plugin and when I understand how to work with it, I will rewrite the plugin for new versions of minecraft. Currently, only those versions of the plugin that are available on this site are available.
  2. HotFix

    Fixed a bug that on some kernels when players entered, their nickname was not hidden.
  3. Some features

    Added new settings in the config, such as enabled worlds and a couple of messages. Also added some permissions.
    Removed log file.
  4. Long awaited update

    From the beginning, I decided to abandon this plugin, but after a while I realized that this was impossible.

    Plugin version 3.0.0 is a completely rewritten plugin that should work on all minecraft kernels.
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  5. Bugfix

    Correction of small errors in the plugin code.

    If nicknames won't hide, then try downloading the plugin version "2.4.1" and don't forget to write about if nicknames are hiding.
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  6. Bugfix

    - Bug fixed: when a player is in the water, his nickname appears.
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  7. Colors, versions and fixes

    - Added support for colors in the config and the ability to change how nicknames are displayed.
    Code (YAML):
    NoPermissionsMessage: '&cYou do not have permission to use this command!'
    #Permission message
    : '&l&6-=[&9<player>&l&6]=-'
    #<player> - player nickname
    - Added "/hnames reload" command (HideNicknames.switching permission).
    - Small fixes in the plugin code.
    - Now I will follow Semantic Version Control.
  8. Fixed error

    Fixed error in the console when you right-click on a mob.
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  9. HideNickNames V2.1

    Added version check on plugin startup.
  10. HideNickNames V2

    - Added support for version 1.16.3.
    - Another system for hiding nicknames.
    - Added the ability to select worlds in the config file.
    - Well, and other little significant changes in the work of the plugin.