HidePlayers Alpha 1.1

Complex plugin to hide and show player groups

  1. Mauricius17
    1. Meaning of the plugin
    With this plugin you can hide and show players.
    Via item you open a inventory.



    There are 7 groups you can hide and show.
    Every group has a permission. (They are listed later).

    2. Requirements
    - 1.8.8 Minecraft Server
    - MySQL Database
    - Permissions plugin

    3. Installation
    1. Download the plugin
    2. Put the plugin in your plugins folder.
    3. Restart your server

    4. Now the server will stop. You have to setup the mysql.yml

    Code (Text):
    mysql: false //You have to set it "true"
    allowPassword: true //If you need a password it has to be "true"
    host: host //Add your host
    port: 3306 //Add your port. 3306 is a default port
    database: Database //Add your database
    username: Username //Add your username
    password: Password //If you need add your password
    table_name: hide_players //Add the name of your table
    5. Restart your server. MySQL will connect to your database
    6. Now you can add the permissions to the groups.
    7. You finished

    4. Config

    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can edit some settings
        glass: 15
        hidden: 1
        visable: 10
        members: 5
        vip: 4
        youtuber: 10
        architect: 13
        presenter: 6
        developer: 3
        administrator: 14
      slot: 1
        enable: true
        type: BLAZE_ROD
    5. Messages

    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can edit some messages!
    prefix: '&8[&5HidePlayers&8] '
        hidden: '&cThe group [COLOR] [GROUP] &cis now hidden!'
        visable: '&aThe group [COLOR] [GROUP] &ais now visable!'
      name: '&6Item to hide and show players'
      name: '&6Hide/Show Players'
      visable: '&aPlayers are visable'
      hidden: '&cPlayers are hidden'
        member: '&aMembers'
        vip: '&6VIPs'
        youtuber: '&5Youtubers'
        architect: '&2Architects'
        presenter: '&cPresenters'
        developer: '&bDevelopers'
        administrator: '&4Administrators'
    6. Permissions
    - member
    - vip
    - youtuber
    - architect
    - presenter
    - developer
    - administrator

    IMPORTANT: Op players can never be hidden!

    This plugin is not in development anymore! There will be no new version. There is no support for any issue or situation that may occur.

    Hope you have fun with this plugin:)

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    Lots of bugs……
    The plugin's folder isn't in the plugins folder in the FTP
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      Author's Response
      Please describe the bugs a little closer :)
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