HideStream 3.10

HideStream - updated! - Simple, lightweight, effective - Since 2012

  1. mrmag518
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    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Simple, lightweight, effective.
    Since 2012

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    HideStream is doing one simple task for you; hiding spam output such as join & leave messages from appearing in the chat. This can be beneficial for high-traffic servers, where players are logging out and in repetitively.
    You can also adapt HideStream to suit your server perfectly using a configuration file provided.​

    • Hiding/disabling:
      • Join/log-in messages.
      • Quit/log-out messages.
      • Kick messages.
      • Death messages.
    • Manage whom will have their stream output hidden/visible using permissions.
    • A command to disable and enable HideStream at any time.
    • Per-player toggling without using a permissions system. (Completely optional, disabled by default)
    • Ability to only hide stream for new or old players.
    • Ability to only hide stream when there's a certain amount of players online.
      • Can even be toggled in-game using a command.
    • Multi-world support : Exempt certain worlds. (Version 3.10+)
    • Customize the no permission message for commands and its colorization.
    • Automatically checks for available updates at BukkitDev. (Can be disabled in the config if you wish.)
      • You can also auto-update using a command.