Higher Enchantments [BEST FOR FACTIONS, PRISON, ETC] 2.1

Higher Enchantments for your armour and swords!

  1. SeniorCluckers
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Higher Enchantments gives you the ability to use the anvil and upgrade any armor or sword enchantment level higher than usual. This is mostly used on Role-Play Servers to become more OP. Also used on OP Prison Servers! So why Higher Armor Enchantments? Reason is because any enchanters out there always makes you give players commands and you can pretty much put any enchantment level you want. With Higher Enchantments you can only go up to level 10 from its original level so it wont be so op! Not only that you can specify how high a certain enchantment can go ! So if you don't want 10 to be the highest for a certain enchantment just set it to false in the config!

    How To!

    1. Get 2 helmets (chest plates, leggings, etc) with any enchantment. Must be the default (highest enchantment!)
    2. Put one in slot 1 and the other in slot 2.

    3. A helemet should pop up.

    4. If you hover over it its not gonna say the enchantment your looking for don't worry just click it. Make sure to have enough XP!

    5. Put in inventory and hover over it. It should say the enchantment you wanted.

    Works with all armor for all enchantments that are armor compatible and all sword enchantments that are sword compatible!


    #If you have two items enchanted. Item A - Diamond Helmet (Protection IV & Blast Protection IV) and then another, Item B - Diamond Helmet
    #(Protection IV & Blast Protection IV) and put them inside an anvil. What ever the first enchantment is on the ITEM of slot 1 in the anvil,
    #That enchant will be upgraded to V or whatever your number is, so your outcome for putting those two above together ^^ will be
    #(Protection V & Blast Protection IV) Only one enchant gets upgraded. This is to limit how fast you can
    #enchant stuff making you get more XP,so grinding, mining, killing, etc. To have a control.

    Protection 5: true
    Protection 6: true
    Protection 7: true
    Protection 8: true
    Protection 9: true
    Protection 10: true
    #Fire Protection
    Fire Protection 5: true
    Fire Protection 6: true
    Fire Protection 7: true
    Fire Protection 8: true
    Fire Protection 9: true
    Fire Protection 10: true
    #Feather Falling
    Feather Falling 5: true
    Feather Falling 6: true
    Feather Falling 7: true
    Feather Falling 8: true
    Feather Falling 9: true
    Feather Falling 10: true
    #Blast Protection
    Blast Protection 5: true
    Blast Protection 6: true
    Blast Protection 7: true
    Blast Protection 8: true
    Blast Protection 9: true
    Blast Protection 10: true
    #Projectile Protection
    Projectile Protection 5: true
    Projectile Protection 6: true
    Projectile Protection 7: true
    Projectile Protection 8: true
    Projectile Protection 9: true
    Projectile Protection 10: true
    Respiration 4: true
    Respiration 5: true
    Respiration 6: true
    Respiration 7: true
    Respiration 8: true
    Respiration 9: true
    Respiration 10: true
    #Aqua Affinity
    Aqua Affinity 2: true
    Aqua Affinity 3: true
    Aqua Affinity 4: true
    Aqua Affinity 5: true
    Aqua Affinity 6: true
    Aqua Affinity 7: true
    Aqua Affinity 8: true
    Aqua Affinity 9: true
    Aqua Affinity 10: true
    Thorns 4: true
    Thorns 5: true
    Thorns 6: true
    Thorns 7: true
    Thorns 8: true
    Thorns 9: true
    Thorns 10: true
    #Depth Strider
    Depth Strider 4: true
    Depth Strider 5: true
    Depth Strider 6: true
    Depth Strider 7: true
    Depth Strider 8: true
    Depth Strider 9: true
    Depth Strider 10: true
    #Frost Walker
    Frost Walker 3: true
    Frost Walker 4: true
    Frost Walker 5: true
    Frost Walker 6: true
    Frost Walker 7: true
    Frost Walker 8: true
    Frost Walker 9: true
    Frost Walker 10: true
    Unbreaking 4: true
    Unbreaking 5: true
    Unbreaking 6: true
    Unbreaking 7: true
    Unbreaking 8: true
    Unbreaking 9: true
    Unbreaking 10: true

    Sharpness 6: true
    Sharpness 7: true
    Sharpness 8: true
    Sharpness 9: true
    Sharpness 10: true
    Smite 6: true
    Smite 7: true
    Smite 8: true
    Smite 9: true
    Smite 10: true
    BaneOfArthropods 6: true
    BaneOfArthropods 7: true
    BaneOfArthropods 8: true
    BaneOfArthropods 9: true
    BaneOfArthropods 10: true
    KnockBack 3: true
    KnockBack 4: true
    KnockBack 5: true
    KnockBack 6: true
    KnockBack 7: true
    KnockBack 8: true
    KnockBack 9: true
    KnockBack 10: true
    FireAspect 3: true
    FireAspect 4: true
    FireAspect 5: true
    FireAspect 6: true
    FireAspect 7: true
    FireAspect 8: true
    FireAspect 9: true
    FireAspect 10: true
    Looting 4: true
    Looting 5: true
    Looting 6: true
    Looting 7: true
    Looting 8: true
    Looting 9: true
    Looting 10: true