HikaBrain (MLGRush) 4.0

MLGRush (HikaBrain) in Skript !

  1. 6mon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Juste me :)

    ➣ Introduction

    This Skript it was realized for my YouTube Channel (6moon)

    Developer: 6moon
    Version: 2.0
    You can't made a video with my Skript and say
    "It's me who realized this Skript..."

    HikaBrain, what is it ? The game "HikaBrain" it was create by a French YouTuber Hikawii. He was create this game for the french famous server: Epicube and Funcraft.

    ➢ Commands
    /reset: Reset all variables.
    /mlgrushadm: set < SpawnRed / SpawnBlue >.
    /mlgrush: Join/ Leave a game.

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    Version: 2.0
    What i'm saying ?? If you don't can say what I have say, you're not 6moon, you must be give a response tomorrow : Bonjour, je m'appele 6moon, je ne parle pas l'anglais et un americain ou englais viens de c/c mon skript comme un con...