HitboxBind 1.0.2

Creates an item frame map display that shows whether you're streaming or not.

  1. Limeth
    Howaner (The author of FramePicture)
    HitboxBind is a plugin, that displays hitbox profile information on itemframes with maps.

    Please note, that this plugin is nowhere near finished.

    HitboxBind requires the FramePicture plugin by Howaner.

    • /hbb new [Type] [Media]
      Prepares a map creation action. Right click an item frame afterwards.
      [Type] - The map type from '/hbb types'
      [Media] - The media name. If it was my channel (http://hitbox.tv/Limeth), I'd enter 'Limeth'.
    • /hbb types
      Displays available map types
      There aren't many map types yet, since I've just released this plugin.
    Known bugs
    • Map changes aren't sent to the player immedietly, but when the item frame entity is sent
    Source & Contributions
    The source is available on github.
    Contributions are welcome. Please preserve the current code style if you're planning to contribute.

Recent Updates

  1. Crash fix
  2. Thumbnails and chat links

Recent Reviews

  1. VenixNetwork
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice Plugin!
    Do you mind If I fork it on github and edit it for twitch?
    1. Limeth
      Author's Response
      Feel free to do it. :)