HitEffects 2015-11-28


  1. DustPlayMC
    Hay Spighottis!
    Did you ever wanted a HitPlugin?
    Here i coded one extra for you ;)

    HitEffects is a easy EntityDamageByEntityEvent Plugin.
    What does it do?
    When u hit a player or a player hit you it happen something.
    It will be custom ^^ u can make that redstone effects will be there on his body (Blood)
    or GlowStone dust (Alien Blood) or u can build in Hit Sounds when u hit players it comes a Burp Sound or cat Sound.

    U want to customise the Effects contact me!
    Skype: dustplayhd
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    or post a comment

    Btw i will code a Config that you can customise it by self
    and sorry for my bad english ^^​