HitsoundsTF 1.1.1

Give players customizable hitsounds and killsounds in PvP!

  1. HitsoundsTF 1.1

    This update includes a new feature and several bug fixes.
    • Custom resource pack sound support
      • Hitsounds and killsounds can play any internal sound file
      • A short custom sound demo has been added to the demo video
      • See new wiki page for more info
    • Fixed killsounds not playing if hitsounds toggled off
    • Fixed hitsounds playing on self-damage
    • Fixed CrackShot hitsounds not accounting for damage resistances
      • Killing damage may sometimes still play the incorrect pitch due to limitations in the CrackShot API
    • Plugin update notifications will now show when a new version of HitsoundsTF is available to download (for the players with the proper permissions).
    As always, if you encounter any bugs or issues, please open a ticket on GitHub or leave a reply in the resource discussion thread.
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