HLR (Crop hoppers) 1.3.2

A simple yet powerful hopper tweaker used mainly for lag-reducing purposes.

  1. Added message configuration + Chunk Hopper Limit

    Added in a messages.yml for configuration of nearly all the messages sent by the plugin; Added in warnings if the options are changed in either the config.yml or the messages.yml.

    Added in an option for the maximum limit for tweaked hoppers in a single chunk:

    Code (Text):
    # You can set how many tweaked hoppers can be in 1 chunk here.
    # set -1 for unlimited tweaked hoppers in one chunk.
    # any number is or larger than 16*16 will be the same as unlimited tweaked hoppers.
    Chunk-HopperLimit: -1
    As there is an update of the configuration file, please include the option
    Code (Text):
    Chunk-HopperLimit: -1
    between Use-permissions and Cooldown if you want to continue using your old file.
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