HLR (Crop hoppers) 1.3.2

A simple yet powerful hopper tweaker used mainly for lag-reducing purposes.

  1. Minor features and bug fixes

    Added /HLR revert, allowing players to revert their hoppers to vanilla state (especially useful when retain hopper is turned on and there being no easy way to change it back to vanilla)
    No permission is needed to run this command.
    Added the following options:
    Code (YAML):
    # If retain tweaked hoppers, should it only drop when mined with silk touch?
    : true

    # Should the tweaked hopper drop into the player's inventory upon break or onto the world normally?
    # This should fix the problem...
  2. Added /hlr give

    Due to popular request, /hlr give has been implemented:

    Code (Text):
    /HLR give <player> [amount] - give an online player tweaked hoppers

    permission: HLR.give
    The respective messages has been added to message.yml, please update it in order for the plugin to behave properly.

    Thanks Tractors, Akakarumba and kazkas5556 again for suggesting this feature.
  3. Patch - Config options for commands stopped working

    Fixed oversights in the code that disabled the configuration options for the main commands.
  4. Major - Farm tweaks, multiple bug fixes and other features

    Added farm tweaks:
    To further reduce lag caused by farms, you can now define specific types of farms to be disabled when a tweaked hopper is not present. The configuration will be as below:

    Code (YAML):
    # To further reduce lag caused by farms, this forces the following types of farms
    # to only be able to work when a crop hopper is in the chunk.
    # Set to false to disable the farm type.
     #This refers to the initial spawning of entities by spawners, not their death.
  5. Added message configuration + Chunk Hopper Limit

    Added in a messages.yml for configuration of nearly all the messages sent by the plugin; Added in warnings if the options are changed in either the config.yml or the messages.yml.

    Added in an option for the maximum limit for tweaked hoppers in a single chunk:

    Code (Text):
    # You can set how many tweaked hoppers can be in 1 chunk here.
    # set -1 for unlimited tweaked hoppers in one chunk.
    # any number is or larger than 16*16 will be the same as unlimited tweaked hoppers.
    Chunk-HopperLimit: -1
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  6. Severe bug fix - players share the same cooldown timer

    Fixed the severe bug where players share the same cooldown timer for the main command as the variable used is not player independent. Also fixed possible bug of player fee and command use in specific configurations that leads to players affecting each other on those aspects.
  7. Critical bug fix - random malfunction after restart, other tweaks

    Attempted to fix a critical bug reported by multiple users, which the hoppers will randomly stop working after server restarts. Suspecting world and/or chunk changes after restart that causes the entry from the cache not to be read, therefore entry has been changed to UUID (world) /string (chunk) variable based instead of world/chunk variable based.

    As this bug is really tricky to fix, this update might not work as intended. Therefore, if any of you encounters this bug again, please let me...
  8. Major - Rewritten item spawn checking

    Completely changed the item spawn checking mechanism in effort to increase efficiency greatly, along with some tweaks and features:

    - Added damage value for the custom item config
    - Other minor code revamps
    - Fixed if useperms are disabled OPs can not bypass fee

    New bugs found:
    - NullPointerException will occur if the world was changed (Fix for now: wipe the data under the old world's name in the data.yml)
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  9. Immediate update - bug found

    A bug was found after the previous version was released, and is fixed immediately: convert hopper command will throw an exception if used before 1.9.
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  10. Bug fixes

    Fixed a number of bugs issued by nitewing76 (Thanks for reporting!), as well as official 1.11 support and features related:

    - Fixed stacked items not going into the tweaked hoppers
    - Added lore checking when placing the block
    - Supports 1.9 onward's dual wielding, even for off hand block placing
    - Added support for items from 1.11.2 and below
    - Added exception handling for when a hopper in the data file is no longer a hopper (replaced or destroyed with unnatural means)
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