Hoe Hoe Hoe 1.3 release

Inspired by H*p*x*l party games: HoeHoeHoe

  1. i998979
    Hoe Hoe Hoe

    A minigame inspired by H*p*x*l

    Currently under heavy recode, suppose to updata a new version tomorrow

    Hello everyone.
    This is my first resource on spigotmc.org and i am going to bring you a minigame "Hoe Hoe Hoe".

    What this skript does?
    This skript is a minigame that inside H*p*x*l Party Game and I just separated it alone.

    Why I made this skript?
    Because I love this minigame and i really want to bring it into my own server, so, i made it.

    Why I make this with skript but not normal java plugin?
    The only reason that is important is:
    I don't know how to code a plugin :(
    and the other reason is because skript is damn useful and good for some quick edit, you don't need to compile the plugin.

    i know there is a premium plugin named "Hoe Farmer", but i will try my best to make this skript better.

    Each player has his own color to hoe the grass land
    Auto start when there have 5 or more players
    Title countdown
    Chat countdown
    Scoreboard when you joined, in-game, ending

    Future Plan
    Give player custom reward when they get top 3
    Show top 3 players that hoe the most land
    remove the useless variables from the database
    particles, particles, and particles
    ...if you have any idea, feel free to comment below :D

    Command to set the main lobby

    Command to set the waitroom

    Sign to join, leave



    Command to set the game arena spawn

    Scoreboard to show the game state, current player
    (can be modified later)


    Game start title and subtitle
    (can be modified later)


    Title countdown

    If there is no self color block near, action bar will alert you

    List all player's score at the end

    Game arena restore automatically

    Test Server
    FactoryCraft.minecraft-hks.com (my own server :D)

    ...If you used this in your sevrer, please pm me your server ip and i will add it here

    Skript 2.2 (for some reason, the original skript 2.2 will not delete variable properly, so I suggest to download skript 2.2 fix instead of the original one. The download link is here https://github.com/Mirreski/Skript/wiki)

    currently none
    Because I don't suppose player know the command

    Green Text can be replaecd by:
    /hhh or /hoe

    /hhh join
    join the game

    /hhh leave | quit
    leave the game

    /hhh stop
    stop the game instantly

    /hhh reset
    reset the database **experimental only**

    /hhh setmainlobby
    set the main lobby

    /hhh setwaitroom
    set the waitroom

    /hhh setgamespawn
    set the arena spawn point

    /hhh start
    force start the game even though there is only 1 people

Recent Reviews

  1. Mikioul
    Version: 1.2 release
    Nice Skript guy, ( I'm french :p) I learn skrip, but i have some difficulties (as in english) but I would want dev as you :)
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      skript is a shortcut to let you code some feature that complicated in java plugin
      so i learn skript :D
  2. LimeGlass
    Version: 1.1 release
    Nice skript man, for the next update you should make sure that the skript deletes all the variables when its not running. Overall nice skript, and highly recommend this over the other paid version.
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      thanks for your reply
      and i will try to make all the variables got deleted after a game so it wouldn't use lot of database resources

      but i have no time for it because i am going to have my exam :(
  3. Capehenrykid
    Version: 1.1 release
    Love the plugin btw It is easy compiling plugins, and I find plugin making easy, and I only started 2 weeks ago.
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      i tried to code a plugin but....
      it is really hard for me
  4. Gunac
    Version: 1.0 release
    Nice! I really love your work! Keep doing it, you're good at this. <3

    Please add dynamic signs, particles, messages files, etc.
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      thanks for your comment
      and i will think about your idea
      but the dynamic sign is quite hard to make
      because if i make that, you have to set the join sign 1 by 1
      as you are the one that set the arena, you will have more work to do

      message files is other work i will work on
      there are 2 ways to edit the file
      1. open .sk and edit the options
      2. i add a config of it (very hard for me)

      last thing, i dont know what particle you mean?
      u mean that end game winner particle?
      if yes, i will work on it later