HoeGuns 1.0

Turn garden hoes into snowball-firing weapons

  1. nextinfinity
    Simple plugin that allows hoes to be used as guns! When Hoe Guns is enabled for a player, right clicking a hoe will shoot out a snowball.

    Gun damage is modifiable in the plugin's config.yml, with different values for each hoe. Default damage values:
    • Wood - 2
    • Stone - 3
    • Iron - 4
    • Gold - 6
    • Diamond - 8
    Damage is counted in half hearts

    /hg - Toggles hoe guns

    hg.use - Use hoe guns



    Each value (DiamondDamage, GoldDamage, etc) should be set to an integer value. It is recommended to keep this number between 1 and 20 as I can not guarantee functionality outside if this range but if you want to experiment with absurd values, who am I to stop you?

    Any questions, suggestions, bug reports? Comment and I'll reply ASAP