HoloDrops 2.5

Adds customizable nametags & glow to dropped items.

  1. Drop Protection & NPE

    [+] Drop protection. currently only for blocks broken
    [-] Generate a new config for all the new options. or you can refer to the config spoiler on the main page to copy the new options for protection​
    [~] Attempted to fix an NPE
    [-] source of it was unclear so this update may or may not fix it. let me know if you get random errors (before/after this update).​
  2. Item glow whitelist (2.4)

    [+] Added a whitelist for items to glow, add a "glowlist: " array to your config to use it (or generate a new one)
    Code (Text):
      - "example name"

    [+] General changes to the config to hopefully make it prettier
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  3. Less spam (2.3)

    [+] GadgetsMenu fix, spawned items had UUID names, now blank
    [~] Fixed an error shown occasionally in console when enabling plugin
  4. Fix item frame NPE & support book titles (2.2)

    [~] Fix an NPE spamming console whenever someone right clicks an item frame with an empty hand
    [+] Use the placeholder %title% for WRITTEN_BOOK to make the drop's holo the book title
    [-] If you rename a written book the title is still shown instead of the
    custom name (except for item frames which prioritize custom names)​
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  5. Pickup Listener (2.2)

    [+] Stack count changes to reflect the new count if only some is taken from the drop (full inv...)

    Don't know how I never noticed this was missing
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  6. Item Glow (2.1)

    [+] Added toggleable item glow with colors
    [-] Add (item-glow: true) to the config to enable glowing
    [-] Add (glow-color: true) to the config to make the item glow the last color found in the name​
    [+] Hardcoded lore blacklist to prevent certain plugins' display items from showing a name/glow
    [-] Might make this a list in the config in the future​
    [~] Changed the placeholders in holo-format to just be the first letter of the word, %P%, %I%, %C%, and %S% are...
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  7. Blacklist (2.0)

    If you update I suggest you backup your config and make a new one to get all the changes.

    [+] Config changes
    [-] Added blacklist
    [-] Removed useless setting
    [-] Changed holo-format setting (shortened the placeholders)​
    [+] Rewrite + GitHub (lost source so now I back it up)
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  8. Bug (1.7.1)

    [~] Fixed a problem where unknown items in the config made the plugin break (using 1.14 item config on 1.13 etc)
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  9. 1.14 Update (1.7)

    [+] Added all the 1.14 items to the config
    [~] Items not in config won't spam console when dropped
  10. Custom Names Only (1.6)

    [+] Option in config to only allow items with custom names to display a holo
    - delete the config and reload (server or plugin) OR
    - add this to the config:
    Code (YAML):
    custom-names-only: false
    [~] Made code more readable
    [~] Various code changes to make things consistent
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