HoloDrops 1.7.2

Add names above items when they drop

  1. Cleanup

    [~] Removed unnecessary code
    - Shouldn't see any performance change, just removed redundant code and shrunk the jar size.
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  2. Bug Fix

    [~] Fixed an issue where custom named items show the name "null"
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  3. Stack values

    [+] Ability to change the way the stack values look, default is xAmount (x5)
    - To change this add
    Code (YAML):
    stack-count: "&r x%amount"
    to the config or delete the config and reload it. (variable for amount of items is %amount%)
    - To disable the stack values after the item name just set stack-count to ""
    [~] Fixed some issues regarding item merging, stack amounts wouldn't show up properly
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