Holograms 2.12

A small and efficient Hologram managing plugin

  1. SainttX
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Holograms is a plugin that implements text and item holograms
    In-game Features
    The plugin offers the following commands:
    • /holograms addline <name> <text>
    • /holograms create <name> <text>
    • /holograms delete <name>
    • /holograms <import> plugin
    • /holograms info <name>
    • /holograms insertline <name> <index> <text>
    • /holograms list
    • /holograms movehere <name>
    • /holograms near <radius>
    • /holograms removeline <name> <index>
    • /holograms setline <name> <index> <text>
    All commands use the permission structure "holograms.<subcommand>" (ie. /holograms near would use the permission holograms.near).

    Creating Holograms Lines
    All hologram lines are created through the following commands:
    • /holograms addline <name> <text>
    • /holograms insertline <name> <text>
    • /holograms removeline <name> text>
    As well as the initial line that's added through the /holograms create <name> <text> command.

    Text Holograms
    Text holograms are added simply by typing any text into the hologram line commands. Examples:

    • /holograms addline demo Line to add
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 Inserted line text
    • /holograms setline demo 0 Edited line text

    Item Holograms

    To define an item line, prefix the <text> portion of the command with item: followed by the item definition. Examples:
    • /holograms addline demo item:golden_apple:1 1
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 item:diamond_sword 1 damage_all:1
    • /holograms setline demo 0 item:gold_sword 1

    Animated Text Holograms
    Creating an animated text line is done through the animated_text <text> prefix. Changing the speed of the animation is done by defining a milliseconds amount in brackets, defaulting to 5000 (5 seconds). Slides of text are separated using ||.


    • /holograms addline demo animated_text:H||He||Hel||Hell||Hello
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 animated_text(500):Line 1||Line 2||Line 3
    • /holograms setline demo 0 animated_text:Line 1||Line 2||Line 3

    Animated Item Holograms
    Created an animated item line is done the same way as animated text lines, only with the animated_item <text> prefix. The same item format as that in item holograms is required for each item slide.



    • /holograms addline demo animated_item:diamond_sword 1||gold_sword 1||iron_sword 1
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 animated_item(500):diamond_sword 1||gold_sword 1||iron_sword 1
    • /holograms setline demo 0 animated_item:stone 1||dirt 1||grass 1

Recent Updates

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  3. Holograms v2.10.0

Recent Reviews

  1. MarioMarian201X
    Version: 2.12

    Work api ?

  2. DevonCasper
    Version: 2.12
    This is the only hologram plugin compatible with ProtocolSupportLegacySupport dev builds for 1.15.2 to support holograms for 1.5.2 through 1.7.10 clients. I have been debugging HolographicDisplays all day to come to find that this plugin works right out of the box with ProtocolSupportLegacySupport... amazing! I know this was an unintended feature, but thank you so much!
  3. silverhonecat
    Version: 2.11
    Thank you for implementing all the requested fixes!
    Your hard work is appreciated so much where a versatile yet stable hologram plugin is always in demand! Our server thanks you!
  4. PawPawDude
    Version: 2.11
    Awful, if you want a good holograms plugin. 1) No reload command. What is dev thinking? I've seen in Discussions his refusal for years to add that command. Oh, but there's some stupid "refresh" command that does nothing. Ok. 2) No ability to relocate a hologram with world,x,y,z coordinates. I'm sorry but this dev shows no imagination. Sorry, I'm beyond frustrated. And of course, HolographicDisplays plugin is barely supported. Calling all devs: Make a good holograms plugin!
  5. vajje
    Version: 2.10.0
    It's a good plugin, but sometimes multi line holograms get moved to the same line after a server restart. This is annoying and you have to /hologram movehere to fix it. On EVERY hologram you have. I hope this bug can be fixed in the next version.
  6. 0115962
    Version: 2.10.0
    Really useful plugin that can show players helpful information and all sorts of limitless options. I've had this on a couple of my servers and it helps a lot. Thank you for keeping it updated and maintained!

    - Evan
  7. Chistian95
    Version: 2.10.0
    The plugin works well but the holograms are constantly disappearing. It's really annoying
  8. Perruche_
    Version: 2.10.0
    Good plugin but plugin not work with a lot of items (sunflower..) If you can fix this please! (Sorry if you dont understand i am french lol)
  9. IKaZzGaming
    Version: 2.9.1
    Would not recommend at all.

    I spent 30 minutes trying to get my holograms to display without disappearing, but every time something else was breaking it, whether it be distance, view direction, reconnection, server reboot, and others. I finally gave up.
  10. Lerfing
    Version: 2.9.1
    Good plugin, would rate 5 stars if the there wasn't an obnoxious bug that makes some holograms disappear.