Holograms 2.13.3

A simple Holograms Plugin for your server.

  1. KingTux
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    KingTux(updater) and SaintX(Original Dev)
    Holograms is a plugin that implements text and item holograms
    This is a fork of Holograms by SaintX
    I have dropped support for Minecraft versions 1.12 and older. If you need support please use the OG version.
    In-game Features
    • Text holograms
    • Item holograms
    • Animated holograms
    The plugin offers the following commands:
    • /holograms addline <name> <text>
    • /holograms create <name> <text>
    • /holograms delete <name>
    • /holograms <import> plugin
    • /holograms info <name>
    • /holograms insertline <name> <index> <text>
    • /holograms list
    • /holograms movehere <name>
    • /holograms near <radius>
    • /holograms removeline <name> <index>
    • /holograms setline <name> <index> <text>
    All commands use the permission structure "holograms.<subcommand>" (ie. /holograms near would use the permission holograms.near).

    Creating Holograms Lines
    All hologram lines are created through the following commands:
    • /holograms addline <name> <text>
    • /holograms insertline <name> <text>
    • /holograms removeline <name> text>
    As well as the initial line that's added through the /holograms create <name> <text> command.

    Text Holograms
    Text holograms are added simply by typing any text into the hologram line commands. Examples:
    • /holograms addline demo Line to add
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 Inserted line text
    • /holograms setline demo 0 Edited line text

    Item Holograms
    To define an item line, prefix the <text> portion of the command with item: followed by the item definition. Examples:
    • /holograms addline demo item:golden_apple:1 1
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 item:diamond_sword 1 damage_all:1
    • /holograms setline demo 0 item:gold_sword 1

    Animated Text Holograms
    Creating an animated text line is done through the animated_text <text> prefix. Changing the speed of the animation is done by defining a milliseconds amount in brackets, defaulting to 5000 (5 seconds). Slides of text are separated using ||.


    • /holograms addline demo animated_text:H||He||Hel||Hell||Hello
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 animated_text(500):Line 1||Line 2||Line 3
    • /holograms setline demo 0 animated_text:Line 1||Line 2||Line 3

    Animated Item Holograms
    Created an animated item line is done the same way as animated text lines, only with the animated_item <text> prefix. The same item format as that in item holograms is required for each item slide.


    • /holograms addline demo animated_item:diamond_sword 1||gold_sword 1||iron_sword 1
    • /holograms insertline demo 0 animated_item(500):diamond_sword 1||gold_sword 1||iron_sword 1
    • /holograms setline demo 0 animated_item:stone 1||dirt 1||grass 1


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Recent Reviews

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    Version: 2.13.3
    AWESOME PLUGIN with more features and keep it in newer version.more useful to showcase the items and animated text
  2. williams_S
    Version: 2.13.3
    El mejor plugin de hologramas es muy fácil de usar. ............................ xD
  3. test414EFF
    Version: 2.13.3
    An already amazing plugin, now updated to the latest version! Thanks to the updater for keeping this alive :-)
  4. peterhenryd
    Version: 2.13.3
    Amazing plugin! I'm so glad someone decided to update this plugin and keep it up with newer versions. Can't ask for anything more.