Holographic Graves {1.8 /1.7} V2

This Plugin will add simple Grave Stones 5 blocks high made out of holograms. It will show there Dis

  1. flamboo

    This Plugin will add simple Grave Stones 5 blocks high made out of holograms. It will show there Display name (Nickname if any) and there Time of death as well as some other info.

    There are now options to disable stats and disable no permission Graves.

    It will also spawn any Block / Item 2 blocks above the player. It will also auto delete with The Graves (Both Configurable)

    All graves will automatically Delete every 5 minutes (but can be configured).

    === wow 100+ downloads ===
    === Commands ===
    "GR" to reload The Plugins config File ingame and from console.
    "Graves" to get basic info about the plugin.
    === Permissions ===

    Custom and set from your config file

    If A player doesn't have the Node they will get an anonymous Grave with No info.

    === Config File ===

    Code (Text):
      Enable: true
        Create: AMBIENCE_THUNDER
        Clicked: LEVEL_UP
      Item: JACK_O_LANTERN
      SaveInv: false
        Stats: true
        Killer: false
        LifeSpan: 1500
        Item: CHEST
        Message: 1
        Use: true
        LifeSpan: 1500
        Item: ROTTEN_FLESH
      Reload: Graves.GR
      Graves: Graves.Use
      Config: Graves.GC

    === Required ===
    This plugin requires Holographic Display API to work http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/holographic-displays


    === TODO ===
    *add Floating Item that when clicked gives the player that clicked it the dead players Inventory in a locked chest | So close to being done (Next update)

    === Must Read If Updating ===

    delete your current Config file if updating!

    === Bugs / Suggestions ===

    if you have any bugs or suggestions please email at the following email address
    [email protected]

    If you have an Suggestions I am more then likely to try and implement them as I develop this plugin.

    You read this far so here is a secret, This plugin has a hidden cookie in game, Try and find it !!!!
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