HolographicExtension 1.10.9

Animations and placeholders in Holographic Displays

  1. Niall7459
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Supports 1.8-1.15.1

    Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.13.36.png
    Implement amazing animations into HolographicDisplays with automated creation of scrollers, typewriters and glowing text!

    It also injects your favourite placeholders from PlaceholderAPI (requires ProtocolLib)

    Video tutorial by SoulStriker_:

    - Simple and effective implementation.
    - High quality animation generation.
    - A ton of fully customisable animations.
    - Easily create scrollers, typewriters, healthbars and more.
    - Full colour support + multiline.
    - Special character support (unicode)
    - Support per player placeholders from PlaceholderAPI

    HolographicDisplays (Required)
    ProtocolLib (Placeholders)
    PlaceholderAPI (Placeholders)

    Default Animations File:
    Code (Text):
    [B][B][B][B]# *********************************
    # Holographic Extension Animations
    # *********************************
    # Animation Config File.
    # --> Find help on the spigot resource page.
      speed: 0.1
      - '<glow size=5 normal=&7&l start=&e&l middle=&6&l end=&e&l repeatfirst=10>Holographic Extension</glow>'
      speed: 0.1
      - '<scroll width=32 spacing=32>&cThis is a example scroller.</scroll>'
      speed: 0.1
      - "<typewriter pause=10 backwards=true>Kite Holographic Extension Example.</typewriter>"
      speed: 0.1
      - "<rainbow>Hey there, %player_name%</rainbow>"
    # NOTICE: To use these placeholders, you need PlaceholderAPI and correct extensions..
    # /papi ecloud download Player.
    # /papi ecloud download Server.


    Implementing The Animations:
    In the default configuration above, we have an animation called "example", to include this animation in our hologram we use the placeholder "{ext:example}" This rule applies to all animations.

    For example, if we have an animation named "welcome-msg", the format for the placeholder would be "{ext:welcome-msg}"

    Creating a hologram: '/hd create myHologram {ext:example}'

    Implementing Placeholders:
    Make sure you have ProtocolLib and PlaceholderAPI before attempting to add placeholders.

    To make sure the placeholders update you will need to add refresh holders.

    Versions 1.9.3 and below:

    {r1} - 1 second refresh.
    {r0.1} 0.1 second refresh
    {r10} - 10 second refresh
    {r5} - 5 second refresh
    {r2} - 2 second refresh

    Versions 1.10.0 and above:
    {fastest} - 0.1 seconds.
    {fast} - 0.5 seconds
    {medium} - 1 seconds
    {slow} - 5 seconds
    {slowest} - 10 seconds.

    /hd add test {fast}%player_time%

    There are no editing commands provided with this plugin, all holograms are managed by the HolographicDisplays plugin.

    /hext reload - Reload the animation files.
    /hext list - list all loaded animations.
    /hext support - Check placeholder and protocol lib problems
    /hext about plugin information

    Alternative options include: /ext

    Permissions for command usage are automatically given to operators and the console.
    Permission for using the commands are: h

    What to do once you have installed the plugin:
    - Visit the plugin data folder and edit the animations.yml to your needs and then reload the plugin with /ext-reload
    - Create a hologram with HolographicDisplays and include the animation placeholders.

    Terms and Conditions:

    - Do not claim this resource as your own.
    - You may modify/make changes for private use. This does not include usage in any redistributed software without express permission by me.

    Found a bug? Please report it to me before leaving a review.


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Recent Reviews

  1. xemles
    Version: 1.10.9
    Works, but lags the server when refreshing with a lot of players...
    Which is awful
  2. Thundurh
    Version: 1.10.9
    Pretty good plugin. Seems to sometimes have issues and the holograms don't load sometimes.
  3. yaboialexa
    Version: 1.10.9
    Seems to no longer be working. Tried to make a death count for a hunger games server and it doesn't seem to work. Please update!
  4. xiaoqing
    Version: 1.10.9
    Two or more players enter, cPU100% server crashes
    Server TPS is low,help me
    Why is that
  5. FabrizioRz
    Version: 1.10.9
    Excellent! Good work, thanks for this extension! .
  6. SoulStriker_
    Version: 1.10.9
    Works like a charm, a must have for any type of server, :) Keep up the good work!
  7. ItzEzacu
    Version: 1.10.9
    Plugin works amazing in an old version of PlaceholderAPI! Think you could update it to the most recent one?
  8. extremall
    Version: 1.10.9
    Not work with the latest version of PlaceholderAPI plugin... Please fix it for the 5-star review!
  9. SecretFoxy
    Version: 1.10.9
    This plugin is amazing, Is there an English YouTube video tutorial for this?
    I would really like to see one and I assume everyone wants to.
  10. bluetnt
    Version: 1.10.9
    umm i have a problem i cant use any of the placeholders and i double checked to see if i had all the required plugins and it still didnt work im giving it a 5 star cuz i know it works something is just wrong the command i used is /hd create test %world_hub_players% and /hd create test {fast}%world_hub_players% and /hd create test {r1}%world_hub_players% did i do anything wrong?
    1. Niall7459
      Author's Response
      Check you have got the correct placeholder api expansions.. try:

      /papi ecloud download World
      /papi reload

      And see if that fixes the issue. Make sure ProtocolLib is up to date for your version as well.