HolographicMenus 2.0-RC-01

[1.7.9-1.13] Create GUIs like in Sword Art Online!

  1. Sataniel
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    Even though HM2 is still in development, it can be considered stable. Legacy versions are not supported anymore.

    Planned release date: 30.04.2018

    What is HolographicMenus?
    Did you always think that commands are a very ugly way to ask the player for input? Every other game has GUIs. Why can't Minecraft have custom beautiful menus as well? If you did, then you'll love this plugin. Holographic Menus adds the possibility to script custom holographic GUI menus that execute a command when a button is punched. Just open the menu with a single command (/menu) and this will pop up:


    • Provides a menu that doesn't take all of the player's attention so that he is able to use it even while in danger to get into combat
    • Create as many pages per menu as you wish(hit the 5th line to change)
    • Create as many menus as you wish (open them with /menu [name]
    • Nobody else is able to see or use a menu you opened (ProtocolLib required)
    • Every player can set different colours
    • All messages can be modified, so other languages can be used. Per player languages supported!
    • Multiple commands per button with CommandsXL.


    • /menu [menu name] - Opens a menu.
    • /holographicmenus,hm reload,r - Reload files.
    • /holographicmenus,hm settings,s [player] [head|highlight|text] [colour code] - Modify your personal menu style!
    • /holographicmenus,hm version,v - Plugin information.

    Fix /hm for consoles
    Per player adjustable language support
    German and English (if you want to contribute another translation, feel free to submit a pull request or send me a lang.yml as a PM.); selectable standard language
    Location where the menus pop up can be configured
    Let menus follow the player whenever he moves
    Does not work perfectly.

    Multiple menus
    You're now able to create as many different menus as you wish!
    Per group menus
    If you want e.g. only one group of players to open a menu, just give them the permission "holographicmenus.menu.[menu name]"
    Infinite pages per menu
    You can use as many as you want. Well, in fact, you can't create more than 2147483647 because integers can't store more :p
    Last page and chat type (unused) aren't stored inside data.yml anymore
    This should improve performance a little bit.
    Logger shows the menu, if a command is executed through it
    To decrease confusion :)


    Commands executed using a menu are now logged
    Thanks to @funbilla for this suggestion. Just have a look into the server log :)
    Command variables
    They are called "command variables", but accessable in both commands and messages. The player variable is something I totally forgot :° It allows you to use HM in many more use cases.


    Added ~75 new variables! You may request even more, though :)
    Support for up to 20 pages
    This will be rewritten to support infinite pages and infinite menus as soon as I have time. Config is a littlebit spammed, now. This will be improved after the rewrite as well, there'll be nothing but what you need.

    Close a player's menu when a new one is opened.
    Now, players cannot open unlimited menus anymore ;)
    I'll update the resource thread to show them immediately.
    Reload command: /hm reload
    Requires node "holographicmenus.reload"
    Ingame config commands to change personal menu style: /hm settings
    Enter /hm settings [player] [head|highlight|text] [colour code] to personalize your menu without the need to change data.yml. Requires node...

    Imported menus from DRE2N-Visual
    DRE2N-Visual is a plugin I wrote. It contained this menus, but no configurability. It couldn't be adapted for other servers.
    Get menu data and language from file
    To provide a little bit configurability.


    CraftBukkit (or a CraftBukkit mod like Spigot or SportBukkit) for Minecraft 1.7.9 and higher
    7 and higher
    Known incompatibilities
    Should work with everything that works with the dependencies.


    It runs without ProtocolLib as well, but it's required to make holograms invisible for other players.
    Please note that this plugin is not an official addon written by filoghost, the author of HolographicDisplays.
    Highly recommended! If you need to run multiple commands with permissions the player does not have or as the console, CXL is the way to go.

    Configuration instructions
    HolographicMenus uses YAML files to store data. If you're not familiar with YAML or if you get into trouble for some reason, try out this to fix your file. config.yml contains the plugin configuration. It should be easily understandable. data.yml stores player data and shouldn't be modified, lang.yml contains the messages the plugin broadcasts.

    Code (Text):
    # HolographicMenus Configuration

    # First of all, here's some stuff about global configuration.

    # The language which is used if the player hasn't set a personal language.
    # HM provides built in support for English, German and French.
    # Other languages can be added easily, though.
    defaultLang: english

    # If the menu follows the player or not.
    # This can cause lags, disable it if you have many players or already < 19 TPS!
    # If you change it, restart your server. /hm r and /reload don't work.
    followOnMove: false

    # This part is about your menus.
    # Here's the main menu.
    # How many pages does your menu need?
    # Add more pages to support more options, but take care that you do not make it crowded with junk sothat it becomes easer to enter commands.
        pages: '3'
    # Now, let's setup the texts our main menu should show.
    # This is the head line.
    # Take a look at the SpigotMC.org resource thread to see what variables are supported.
          head: '%head%Main Menu - %highlight%%page% / %maxpages%'
    # This is the button to switch through the pages.
          switch: '%head%%play% %play% %play%'
    # This is the button to close your menu.
          close: '%highlight%%play%%head%Close'
    # That's it, we did the core part of the menu which is visible at every page.
    # Let's have a look at your custom contents, now.
    # All pages are listed. Take care that you have as much here as you set to 'pages: x'.
    # So, this is the first button on page one:
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
    # ...and the other pages and buttons, as well:
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
    # Now, we can add a function to the buttons.
    # Just do what you did above, but enter commands without "/".
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
    # Do you want a new menu?
    # Just copy everything since "main:" and paste it here!
    # Do not forget to rename "main: " to the new menu's name, like I do here:
        pages: '1'
          head: '%head%Another Menu - %highlight%%page% / %maxpages%'
          switch: '%head%%play% %play% %play%'
          close: '%highlight%%play%%head%Close'
    # So, this is the first button on page one:
              button1: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 1'
    # ...and the other pages and buttons, as well:
              button2: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 2'
              button3: '%highlight%%play%%text%Button 3'
              button1: say Button 1
              button2: say Button 2
              button3: say Button 3
    # That's it.
    There are some variables that are replaced automatically.
    Use this ones in messages:
    • %head% - colour for header texts
    • %text% - default text colour
    • %highlight% - highlighted text colour
    • %page% - menu page number
    • %maxpages% - maximum amount of pages
    • %play% - ▶
    • %copyright% - ©
    • %registered% - ®
    • %square% - ²
    • %cubic% - ³
    • %gbp% - £
    • %eur% - €
    • %trademark% - ™
    • %koppa% - ϟ
    • %dei% - Ϯ
    • %eternity% - ֍
    • %sajdah% - ۩
    • %boxtop% - ▀
    • %boxbottom% - ▄
    • %boxleft% - ▌
    • %boxright% -▐
    • %boxdot1% - ░
    • %boxdot2% - ▒
    • %boxdot3% - ▓
    • %boxfull% - █
    • %squareblack% - ■
    • %squarewhite% - □
    • %squareblacktiny% - ▪
    • %squarewhitetiny% - ▫
    • %left% - ←
    • %up% - ↑
    • %right% - →
    • %down% - ↓
    • %leftright% - ↔
    • %updown% - ↕
    • %muuuch% - ∞
    • %stripe% - ▬
    • %playup% - ▲
    • %playright% - ►
    • %playdown% - ▼
    • %playleft% - ◄
    • %rhomb% - ◊
    • %circle% - ○
    • %point% - ●
    • %smileywhite% - ☺
    • %smileyblack% - ☻
    • %sun% - ☼
    • %female% - ♀
    • %male% - ♂
    • %spade% - ♠
    • %clubs% - ♣
    • %heart% - ♥
    • %diamonds% - ♦
    • %quaver% - ♪
    • %2quavers% - ♫
    • %Agra% - À
    • %Aaig% - Á
    • %Acir% - Â
    • %Egra% - È
    • %Eaig% - É
    • %Ecir% - Ê
    • %Etre% - Ë
    • %Itre% - Ï
    • %Cced% - Ç
    • %agra% - à
    • %aaig% - á
    • %acir% - â
    • %egra% - è
    • %eaig% - é
    • %ecir% - ê
    • %etre% - ë
    • %itre% - ï
    • %cced% - ç
    • %ae% - æ
    • %oe% - œ
    • %Auml% - Ä
    • %Ouml% - Ö
    • %Uuml% - Ü
    • %auml% - ä
    • %ouml% - ö
    • %uuml% - ü
    • %sz% - ß
    There are some variables that can be used in both messages and commands, too:
    • %name% - the player's name
    • %uuid% - the player's unique ID
    • %health% - the player's health
    • %coords% - the player's coordinates

    Need permissions to disable anything? Here you go:

    Code (Text):
        description: Open every single menu.
        default: true
      holographicmenus.menu.[menu name]:
        description: Open a specific menu.
        default: true
        description: Reload your files.
        default: op
        description: Change your settings.
        default: true
        description: Change another user's settings.
        default: op


    Upcoming features
    done, tested
    done, not tested
    work in progress
    to do

    Release 2.x

    • Shops (Vault integration)
    • More convenient trigger to open the menu

    Release 2.0

    • Rewrite from scratch: I wrote the core part of Holographic Menus many months ago as a private and unconfigurable plugin called DRE2N-Visual. Nowadays, I'm a lot more experienced and able to create a lot more sophisticated code. HolographicMenus deserves a rewrite :)
    • Support for PlaceHolderAPI
    • Per group buttons
    • Trigger a sound when a button is punched or when a menu is opened
    • Use items instead of text as button content
    • Button to switch to previous pages
    • Static public menus that are visible and usable by anyone with the permission to do so; they do not move
    • Handy, per-menu file configuration system
    • Get chat input to handle command arguments
    • Menus following properly when the player moves
    Unconfirmed requests
    • Support for IndividualHolograms as a library instead of HolographicDisplays
    • Standalone functionality

    Support, bug reports & suggestions

    I highly appreciate any kind of feedback and I'm willing to offer support. This is not the place to ask for support, though! Please do not PM me and do not misuse the review function for support requests. I'll do my very best to help if you open an issue at Github. Avoid to use the discussion thread, too, please, unless you don't have a Github account.

    Plugins maintained by me
    All of them are free and open source :)
    FactionsOne - Factions 1.8.2 with UUID support - updated to latest Bukkit versions!
    HolographicMenus - Create GUIs like in Sword Art Online!
    DungeonsXL - Create custom dungeons or adventure maps with ease!
    CommandsXL - Simple command link plugin.
    ItemsXL - Advanced and unique custom item plugin.
    BroadcastXS - Async broadcast plugin.
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    Version: 2.0-SNAPSHOT-27
    Amazing plugin and really fast support. Daily updates.
    Recommended any type of server.
  2. Ang_Drew
    Version: 1.0
    good idea
    and please update the plugin, so it can follow the user
  3. DarkShade818
    Version: 1.0
    As other people have said, there are glitches such as
    1. The player has to close the hologram for it to disappear.
    2. Offset after teleportation.
    3. Hologram does not follow you.

    1. Should have ability I.E. To press Button 1 and have it open another hologram menu with configurable messages as well as the standard hit commands.
    2. I'm not certain if this is already implemented but, you could have it so when someone typed /tpa <player>, a configurable hologram would appear saying "<player> wants to tp to you! You have <seconds remaining> <Seconds/Minutes> to accept the request! Then there would be a layout such as in the first image saying
    <Player>'s tpa request
    > Accept
    > Deny
    > Disable this feature
    Then allow players the option to turn this feature off if they want chat only tpa requests. Such as the "Disable this feature" above.

    Server Administrators would have an option to do this with any command
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I rate plugins like I rate movies. I will rate them on their features where the version rating is supposed to go. That is right here. So please do not tell me to contact you via skype/discord. I have listed features that would make the plugin better in my opinion and I have said why I gave this a 3 star.
    Thank you.
  4. Joeldesante
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin. Perms seem to be slightly broken though. Ill try to fix it but my non-op players cannot open the menu. I tried to use the perms listed but it did not work.
  5. mech
    Version: 1.0
    has quite a few glitches in 1.11
    -the gui gets offset after teleport
    - when player turns head the gui doesn't move
    - also would be nice to have side by side buttons
  6. SnUncle
    Version: 1.0
    u always made best plugin!
    but the menu do not close on player logoff or move location
    If the player not close it it will enable anytime
    maybe it will make sever lagg?

    or u can add a feather just let the menu close after player click them ?
    1. Sataniel
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review, I will definitely take this into consideration while remaking the plugin :)
  7. DomMinesDiamonds
    Version: 1.0
    This is an amazing plugin and I don't understand why people review it so badly for a feature and/or a bug that they might of done, I hope that gets fixed :) Great plugin I haven't had a single bug and I enjoy this, I use it for my Hub, Prison, and Factions, all different versions and yet its running smoothly, this is an amazing plugin so far and I just love it! Keep working on this plugin and your other plugins as they are so far amazing quality, and they're free! Keep updating this plugin please and great work!
  8. Exclarity
    Version: 1.0
    Works, but only Op can use. Doesn't work for normal users, even if node is manually inserted. Otherwise, it's fine I guess,
    1. Sataniel
      Author's Response
      This is not correct.
  9. Tomshalev01
    Version: 1.0
    Works very well.
    Could you add a feature that allows to have a menu that is always spawned at a certain location?
    1. Sataniel
      Author's Response
      I won't add features because I'll rewrite it from scratch anyways.
  10. TRANTEGamerxx
    Version: 1.0
    Add soport of BungeeCord and teleport
    Hub 50/80 Click for go!
    Survival 70:68 Click for go is very important :)) Good Plugin Bro