HOLOPopups 2014-04-27

- Custom Holograms and Rewards PvP and PvE -

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    Great video with all the current features by IngrownPenguin (VariationVault). You should subscribe!


    HOLOPopup is a very lightweight (a little under 200 lines!) plugin that utilizes horse nametags to create floating holograms. It uses no dependencies to create nametags, and is totally lag-free! You do, though, need Vault if you would like to use economy support.

    This plugin allows you to set a custom message to pop up when a player kills a mob or another player, with multi lines, variables, and colors. The config file is very simple to use, with commented step-by-step configuration.

    This plugin includes economy integration, and you can set mob/player rewards on kill for each mob/player. You can disable this by setting Reward: to 0!

    This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org:

    * A unique identifier
    * The server's version of Java
    * Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    * The plugin's version
    * The server's version
    * The OS version/name and architecture
    * The core count for the CPU
    * The number of players online
    * The Metrics version
    * **Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.**

    Metrics help me as a developer continue to add support for the versions my users are running and help me gague the use of the plugin.

    Default config file:

    #Welcome to HOLOPopup v1.0 by ccrama
    #If you want economy support, please make sure you have vault installed on your server and a compatible economy system
    #Vault link: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/

    #Time is the amount of time in seconds that the hologram lasts for
    Time: 2

    #Message: is the message you want to display on each of the different entity deaths.
    #A comma (,) symbolizes a new line, and will display as such.
    #Reward is the reward the killer will gain
        Message: '&6&lYOU HAVE KILLED %name%, &3You have recieved $10'
        Reward: 10
        Message: '&3You killed a %mob%, You have received $5'
        Reward: 5
        Message: '&4You just killed a cow, &aGrab some beef!'
        Reward: 1
    #To make any more messages, just add the mob name (in lowercase) and follow the format of Message: Reward:!
    #If you don't make one for each mob type, it will default to defaultmob!
    Any mob you want to add custom messages for, make a new section following this format:


        Message: 'Message Here'
        Reward: EconAmount
    Any mob not added specifically in the config will default to "defaultmob"

    Avaliable Mob Types
    Here is a list of all mob types supported by HOLOPopup

    * bat
    * blaze
    * cave_spider
    * chicken
    * cow
    * creeper
    * ender_dragon
    * enderman
    * ghast
    * giant
    * horse
    * iron_golem
    * magma_cube
    * mushroom_cow
    * ocelot
    * pig
    * pig_zombie
    * sheep
    * silverfish
    * skeleton
    * slime
    * snowman
    * spider
    * squid
    * villager
    * witch
    * wither
    * wither_skull
    * wolf
    * zombie

    New features are coming soon, if you have any ideas for this plugin, please comment below!

    There are no commands or special permissions, although I may add permission support in the coming future.

    Based on @Ultimate_n00b's Holograms library.

    WAIT! Before you post an error, try some quick debugging solutions:

    * UPDATE to the latest CB or Spigot version
    * Reset config if you are updating from one version to another

    If none of this works, paste the error here http://pastebin.com and I will try to fix the issue asap


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