HoloUps 2014-12-04

Addon Too The Holograhpic Displays Plugin

  1. johnsj01
    Hello This Is A Test Plugin For My Custom Cop's And Robber's Plugin

    It's Called HoloUps
    When A Player Kill's A Zombie A Speed Power Up Will Drop Giveing The Player 30 Sec's Of Speed

    Please Spigot 1.8/Bukkit1.8 Not The 1.7/1.8 Verison :}

    This Is Based Off The Holograhpic Displays Api With Some Updated Code
    Please Tell Me Of Any Bug's Thank's

Recent Reviews

  1. Deiv_14
    Version: 2014-12-04
    The idea is good but it would be awsome if you can do it work for 1.7.9 servers (bukkit)