HolyReloaded 2.0

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  1. DeathsDomain


    Hello I see you have come over to take a look at my new plugin formally known as HolyReloaded, My plugin is now not a fun plugin it is a plugin that will detect players IP address to stop multiple address connections on cracked servers and it logs the block places and block break that a player does and gives some information about the player. I am still going to be adding loads more for this plugin!!!


    • Make a option to log every block place and block break and IP connection from players
    • Add a tone more logging options

    About the developer
    Q : How Old Are You ?
    A : 15

    Q : Where Can We Download The Source Code ?
    A : With the plugin download

    Q : Do You Plan On Making Any Other Plugins ?
    A : No

    Q : Can You Make Me A Custom Plugin ?
    A : No

    Q : What If The Resource Doesn't Get Updated ?
    A : It Will Give Me Time

    For more information you can email me at [email protected] or post it in the resource reviews or comments ( I Am Currently Offering Support )

Recent Reviews

  1. DeathsLover
    Version: 5.4
    Really good plugin, I really love how you have put the buffs command into it and also there is some nice events such as a block event that allows blocks to go flying everywhere when something explodes I am really happy with this plugin!
    1. DeathsDomain
      Author's Response
      Thanks I Shall Keep Up The Work This Inspires Me <3
  2. SuperSniper
    Version: 5.0
    Good plugin, but you should add information about the plugin on the plugin page, instead of just things about yourself :)
    1. DeathsDomain
      Author's Response
      Haha okay thanks btw and i have just added the infomation about the plugin ;)!
  3. antiPerson
    Version: 2.9
    More like a heal/clearchat plugin

    Use 'for' loops to send messages id they are all the same
    1. DeathsDomain
      Author's Response
      Ok thank you Nathat23 I Shall Make Them For Loops Instead By The Way This Plugin Logs Alot Of Stuff If You Check Console It Does Block Breaks Places Teleportation Logging Chat Logging And Alot Of Other Stuff :) if you have any ideas for me to add please do :)