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Ready to modernize your home plugin?

  1. baseballboyg

    Home Plus is a new type of home skript! Home Plus uses GUI's and is customizable in-game. Are you ready to modernize your home plugin?

    • Full GUI system
    • GUI changes depending on if the user has a home set.
    • Admin GUI lets you customize admin features.
    • Full permission support.
    • Custom plugin look. No prefixes or credits in the plugin!
    • More coming very soon!

    • /home - Opens the Home GUI
    • /homeadmin - Opens the Home Admin GUI
    • homeplus.use - Use the plugin (Default: OP)
    • homeplus.admin (Default: OP)




    Since this is a Skript, you will need an extra requirement. Download the Skript plugin from here. This is Skript 2.2. It will not work with any other version. Put it in your plugins folder. You will also need SkQuery. After that, run your server. Go into the Skript folder in the plugins folder, then go to scripts, then drop "homeplus.sk" into the folder. Restart your server. Run /sk reload homeplus. You're done!

    • Add permission-based multiple homes.
    • Expand the admin menu.
    • All optional movement cancelation for the teleport.
    • Add messages to the admin menu.
    • Add your requests.

    Have any bugs or requests? Leave them in the discussion and I'd be glad to fix them, or add them! Thanks!​

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  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Recoded to Fix Bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. DarkShadic1337
    Version: 0.3 BETA
    In the main post, you may or may not have forgotten to mention that skQuery is needed for the GUIs....
    1. baseballboyg
      Author's Response
      You're right, thanks!
  2. superjack010
    Version: 0.2 BETA
    One major issue I'm having is that when I set my home then try to go to that home, nothing happens. The menu just closes when I press "Go home".
    1. baseballboyg
      Author's Response
      Do you have the correct permissions?