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  1. dart2112
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    • 1.16
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    HomeSpawn is the sister plugin of WarpPoint. You might find they are similar in many ways. This also means that there may be sometimes where they have the same features or similar commands. hopefully, this makes it easier to use rather than annoy anyone.


    • Multiple homes with custom names
    Multiple homes with tab completion in commands and an inventory GUI to view and teleport to homes. You also have the ability to rename homes and move homes with as little fuss as possible.

    • Fast Load Times
    Because homes are loaded as Home objects in memory there is virtually no load time when a player uses a command, this also means that we aren’t accessing the disk when changes haven’t been made allowing your server to run smoother. We also use a file watcher to see if you manually change values in configuration files and automatically reload files when you do. No more back and forth of change a value and reload the plugin before testing it.

    • PvP Protection/Teleport Timer
    To prevent spamming of teleport commands as well as teleporting out of PvP we have a teleport timer system. The player must wait a configurable time before they are teleported. If they are attacked by a player during this time the teleport gets cancelled. The time that the player has to wait is configurable per permission group, this means that admins can teleport instantly while normal players have to wait 10 seconds and VIPs only have to wait for 5. all of these settings can be edited however you like

    • Custom Permissions System
    The permissions system for HomeSpawn is easy to setup but allows total control of what any player is permitted to do. The permissions settings range from teleport delay and amount of homes to whether they can reload the plugin and look at player statistics. Like most things in this plugin, it’s all up to you, you can have 2 permissions or 20, it’s completely custom coded and you won’t find it anywhere else.

    • Full UUID Support
    Online Mode:
    All player data is stored by UUID, this means players are able to change their Mojang username and have all of their homes stay with them. For bigger servers, this means fewer problems for you and fewer files being stored when compared to storing data by username like some older plugins will.


    This plugin is supported by, click the logo above to get 30% off of your first month with code DNAblue2112
    I make this plugin in my spare time and would appreciate if you helped support me, to donate on PayPal click HERE


    Key: (text) – Not required [Text] - required

    /homespawn reload: This will reload all currently loaded config files. Use this if you manually edit any files on disk.
    /homespawn help: displays all commands with a small description of what they do
    /homespawn update: checks for an update and downloads it if one is available.
    /homespawn player [username]: shows a list of statistics about the player.
    /home (name): Teleports you to your home
    /sethome (name): Sets a home at your current location
    /delhome (name): Deletes this home, be careful as this cannot be reversed.
    /renamehome [old name] [new name]: changes the name of your home
    /homeslist: Lists all set homes, lists homes in a clickable GUI if inventory menu is enabled in the config.
    /homepassword: use "/homepassword help" to see all commands (Only works on offline mode servers)
    /spawn: Teleports you to spawn
    /setspawn: Sets the spawn at your current location
    /delspawn: removes the spawn


    The permissions system in this plugin is the LapisCore Permissions system. You can find info on how to set up and use it at the wiki below


    Stops player from teleporting while falling. (useful for sky block or similar game modes)

    Allows you to charge players money per home they set or teleport to with different prices depending on the type of home, eg costs more to set a home with a name and less to move or rename an existing home.


    The above add-ons work because of an API that I have made available. you can add this plugin and its APIs with maven using the repository and dependency below. you can view the code and java-docs on GitHub



    If you have a server you would like added to this list, please send me a PM
    Lapis MC:


    NOTE: only available from 2.0.0 onward.
    The plugin will automatically check for updates and notify you when one is available. then with just 1 command (/homespawn update) you can have the newest version ready to go. The plugin will automatically install the next time the server starts. or you can enable update downloading, this means that the plugin will automatically download and install updates the moment they come out.


    This plugin can collect data about how many players and servers are using it and what specifications they have.

    Go here to view the stats:

    The source code can be found HERE


    Add Permissions DONE
    Add Auto-Updating DONE
    Add Metrics DONE
    Add Multiple Homes and Permissions for Them DONE
    Add Home Limiting DONE
    Add Secondary Limit for Admins
    Add /homespawn to Reload and Show Help DONE
    Add Homes List So You Can See the Names of Currently Set Homes DONE
    Add Teleport Bypass DONE
    Add Password Data Transfer for Offline Servers DONE
    Add Inventory GUI for /homeslist DONE
    Add Tab Completion for /home and /delhome DONE
    Add Custom Permissions System DONE
    Clickable HomesList in Chat for Spigot DONE
    Admin Player Stats and Other Players Home Teleporting DONE
    Components.yml to Disable Parts of the Plugin DONE
    Events API (HomeSetEvent, HomeTeleportEvent) DONE
    Logging of teleports, setting and deleting of homes DONE
    Think of Something Awesome to Add


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Recent Updates

  1. Update 3.1.15 GUI Lag Fix
  2. Update 3.1.14 API Updates
  3. Update 3.1.13

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCrafter8000
    Version: 3.1.15
    Great Plugin but can you add a disabled/enabled worlds list please, its very helpfull
  2. Xanadar
    Version: 3.1.15
    I love this very stable plugin! The only thing I would have different is being able to set a different /spawn point per world!
  3. Brini
    Version: 3.1.6
    Perfect plugin, works great on 1.15.1, my players love it and the gui is beautiful. Does everything it should and is very compact
    1. dart2112
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much
  4. Lordnewb
    Version: 3.1.5
    Worked very well for what was stated. However, I was looking for a plugin that allowed for players to do /spawn but not /home, because I wanted timed permission availability for players to do /home.

    This would have been possible if I could create a permission group in the config to deny players /home and another group to allow /home, but the config only allows me to allow/deny /spawn but not /home.

    The plugin does what it says, but it just didn't work for what I needed it to do.
    1. dart2112
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure what happens in terms of the message sent to players, but you can set the number of homes and home permissions to 0 and the player won't be able to use the /home command
  5. oldfart
    Version: 3.1.5
    No hassle update to 1.14.4 Thank you so much for keeping this plugin updated. My players love GUI.
  6. LennyPhoenix
    Version: 3.1.5
    Very good system with very well made GUI.

    Please add built in /back and home descriptions.
  7. VirtusCipher
    Version: 3.1.5
    Just installed and setup HomeSpawn on my Server, Works like a charm, waiting to have user permissions tested in function with GroupManager and get feedback from users, from the admin part of installing, configuring and using, this is a five start plugin!
  8. ArkPly
    Version: 3.1.2
    Please update it to 1.14! It is a very cool Plugin that is essential for my server to work!
  9. yanphi
    Version: 3.1.2
    Thank you for this plugin. Works beautifully in 1.13, any news of a 1.14 update coming out? You're able to use /sethome without a name afterwards but /sethome <name> and /homelist doesn't seem to be working on 1.14.
  10. Prairie
    Version: 3.1.2
    Very easy to use plugin, no errors found, plugins reflected quickly, no delay!!!