HomingFireballs 1.10

Adds a new mechanic which makes projectiles homing.

  1. BananaPuncher714
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Homing Fireballs
    What this does:
    This plugin makes it so fireballs, arrows, wither skulls, eggs, and snowballs are able to home in on players and mobs!

    Turns on/off the homing arrow ability for players

    Reloads the config:
    /hf reload

    Displays the help menu:
    /hf help

    Allows use of turning on/off homing arrows
    default: op

    Displays the help page
    default: op

    Reloads the config
    default: op

    Code (Text):
    use-permissions: false

    max-range: -1
    degree: 45
    accuracy-percent: .7

    ghast-fireball: true
    snowball: false
    arrow: true
    egg: false
    potion: false
    blaze-fireball: true

    mobs-can-aimbot: true
    dispensers-can-home: true

    home-on-mobs: true
    home-on-players: true
    target-creative-players: false
    max-range: is the farthest you can be for the projectile to home. Set to -1 to disable a max range

    degree: is how close you're looking at a mob to home. -1 makes it so you can hit anything, even stuff behind you
    accuracy-percent: The amount it curves to hit the target. Set it higher for more accuracy
    mobs-can-aimbot: is whether skeletons, blazes, ghasts and withers have homing projectiles
    dispensers-can-home: is whether dispensers can home in on PLAYERS
    home-on-mobs: whether players can home in on mobs
    home-on-players: whether players can aimbot other players
    target-creative-players: whether projectiles target creative people

    How it works:
    First, it gets the locations of the projectile shooter. Then it finds all targets nearby and sees if it can see them directly. If so, it curves the arrow slightly and constantly until the arrow hits the ground or it hits the target.

    If you have any bugs or want me to make any changes, send me a PM.

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  1. knightmax
    Version: 1.10
    I love the idea of making the projectiles homing! You have made this plugin, and I'll use it on a "wizards" type gameplay.

    Now for a question: Can you post the source code on github or something? I have been looking everywhere on how to make a projectile home. If you do, I'll give you credit for it on any resource I use it in. Thanks!
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      Thanks!! I currently don't have any public websites with the code, but you can decompile it if you need anything. I will try and get it up to GitHub in the next few days.