HopperTransport 1.2

Hoppers as vehicles!

  1. inventivetalent
    This plugin makes hoppers useable as vehicles!


    Transportation Runes

    These have to be placed in hoppers to convert them to transporters. (Depending on your configuration)

    How to create transporter hoppers
    To convert a hopper to a transporter hopper, simply place a TransporterRune (see above) in a hopper. Its title will change to TransporterHopper.

    You can now connect these hoppers as usual.
    To go upwards, simply provide redstone power to the hopper.

    1.8 Is highly recommended!

    hoppertransport.travel - Allows players to use the transport hoppers
    hoppertransport.use - Permission to add the TransporterRune to a hopper

    Code (YAML):

    #Teleportation interval
    : 2
    #If players need to be inside of the hopper to get transported
    : false
    #If the 'TeleportRune"-Item is required to use the Hoppers
    : true
    #If the item has to be in all Hoppers to work
    : true


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