Horizon | Powerful Cheat Detection in New Era [1.8/1.12/1.13/1.14] 1.4.6-Hotfix#8

A comprehensive anti-cheat solution.

  1. GorlyDJY
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Anthony M., ExclusiveCatYT, Islandscout, Juli_0 | Julian
    Horizon is an efficient anti-cheat solution for Minecraft servers. It can detect and prevent most modern, major cheats. Possessing one of the most high-performance and un-bypassable checks. Horizon will almost not affect normal players. Minimizing false positives is the main intention.

    We are working on a major new release, until then we will not release updates here. Please join our discord for development builds :)

    Horizon currently has a variety of different detection. The following cheats is detectable.

    • AutoClicker
    • KillAura
    • MultiAction
    • Criticals
    • BowAimbot
    • Some types of ServerCrasher
    • Fly
    • LiquidWalk
    • NoSlow
    • SlimeJump
    • Speed
    • Step
    • Strafe
    • Phase
    • NoFall
    • FastUse
    • HealthTag
    • PlayerESP
    • StorageESP
    • Freecam
    • Scaffold
    • ChestStealer

    Why choose Horizon?

    Horizon will not stop updating. Horizon is still getting improvements.

    Better detection. Horizon detects cheaters as quick as possible. Also, minimizing false positives is the main intention.

    Support. Just join our Discord to get support. You can receive fixes and improvements quickly.

    High performance. 99% of Horizon's checks are asynchronous, which means that Horizon will almost no affect the server's TPS.

    Configurable. Horizon's config is simple and easy to configure. You don't need to modify any options to use it. More custom options are being added.

    Bungee Mode

    1.Install the plugin on the BungeeCord server and every subserver.
    2.Set the settings.bungee.enabled of the plugin config file to true in each subserver. Then, the setup is complete.
    3.If the default port (8888) is occupied, you must change it in the plugin's config file. Just set the port in horizon config of every subserver the same to horizon config in BungeeCord.

    How does this system work?
    The plugin uses socket(a simple data sender/receiver) to to implement the sub server and BungeeCord communication. Click here to see wiki.

    /horizon - View the plugin's info.
    /horizon reload - Reload the config files.
    /horizon kick <player> <reason> - Kick out a player.
    /horizon verbose - Enable/Disable verbose
    /horizon notify <message> - Send a message to players who has horizon.notification permission.

    /horizon chkupd - Check for updates

    horizon.command.reload - The permission to use '/horizon reload'
    horizon.command.kick - The permission to use '/horizon kick'
    horizon.command.verbose - The permission to use '/horizon verbose'
    horizon.command.notify - The permission to use '/horizon notify'
    horizon.command.chkupd - The permission to use '/horizon chkupd'
    horizon.notification - The permission to get notifications.
    horizon.bypass.<check> - Ther permission to bypass a check.

    Horizon requires:

    • Java8
    • Server version 1.8.8/1.12.2/1.13.2/1.14.2/1.14.3/1.14.4

    Horizon may not support:
    • Any plugins that modify players' movement/combat.
    • PlugMan(Reload)
    • The /reload command.

    We will do our best to improve compatibility.

    How to get support quickly?

    Horizon is still in the early stages of development, and many features have not yet been added. Don't be angry if you have a problem. I will keep updating.


    • You can't decompile or deobfuscator the plugin.
    • You can't resell the plugin.
    • You can't modify the code of the plugin.
    • We have the right to update the Terms Of Use any time.

    If you think Horizon is good, don't forget to leave a good review :)

Recent Reviews

  1. omgitsjayden
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    Best free anti-cheat out there. Almost to good to be true, but it actually is true! Only problems is there's no auto-banning feature, also it needs updating to 1.15.
    Conclusion: Get this plugin on your server ASAP.
  2. VQ9
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    Liked it, works for the price xD. Fantastic Plugin, helps my server out a lot :)
  3. The_To
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    It's a good anti-cheat! One of the best free. It can pick up multiple clients. But does it Auto Ban?
  4. snap20lp
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    1. GorlyDJY
      Author's Response
      You do not need to leave a review for only this lol.
      btw this version is not the latest
  5. Gregorxd
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    It's the best Anti Cheat!!! I Test it with Sigma LiquidBounce Flux and xanax.It's the best free anticheat
  6. __Vekster007__
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    Wonderful Anti-Cheat! Has no false positives and does not interfere with players! Under this discovers cheats have players! It's just class! + supports BungeeCord and does not slow down the server much

    Have its relatively a small server on survival. Needed Anti-Cheat. I live in the Crimea, I can not buy a paid one. Fortunately found the Horizon, I am sure that just to save money. Complaints about "interference with the game, bugs, lags" was not at all. My friend tested most of the free cheats with different settings, Horizon coped perfectly. Quoting a friend: "Here the defense is just on the level." 100% 5 stars!

    [I don't know much English, I used a translator.]
    1. GorlyDJY
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
      2.0 version is being developed, you can join our discord to get an even better version.
  7. Dito
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    Very Bad Anti Cheat ! Players Cant Running Ctrl WTF And kicked wrong moving slab
  8. josziPL
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    99% of killaura detections are false positives, pls fix, IMO not worth downloading right now :V
    1. GorlyDJY
      Author's Response
      The killaura check works pretty well in our test, please report the false positives in discord.
  9. Fartmaster09
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    One of the best free anticheat ive ever seen on here
    Amazing support (through discord)
    Constant updates
    Detects most modern hacked clients(and ghost clients)
    The only issue i can see is the reach and autoclicker detection is not good enough for competitive pvp servers
    1. GorlyDJY
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
      The auto clicker check will be improved soon.
  10. Pabloalba16
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    Amazing anticheat, It doesnt have a year and is blocking hacks properly well. Support is amazing im amazed with the killaura check it blocks ALL Killauras and triggerbots i have tested with Flux, Alpha Centauri, LiquidBounce and many many more. I cant wait for update 2.0 which is in progress and will come with a lot of new features and checks.Horizon has so much potential i hope the developer can improve it to be one of the best of the market!! :D
    1. GorlyDJY
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)