Horse armor frost walker 1.0.1

Make compatible frost walker enchant with horse armor

  1. Optimus_Venatus
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    • 1.16
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    This is a minecraft plugin that allow horse armors to be anchanted with frost walker

    please don't suggesting it to reddit/r/minecraftsuggestions i've already tried that and i was deleted in few hours (

    Source code :

    This plugin is nearest as vanilla frost walker :

    -ice radius is round and calculated by this : radius = 2 + enchant_level

    -you cannot freeze water if you are in air

    -water cannot be freeze if water bloc is on it

    -you can freeze only water sources

    -water won't freeze if there is entity in it

    Known issues :
    -Sometimes entityes are freezed in water
    -Horses armor cannot be enchanted throught enchanting table but only with anvil (please contact me if you have solution to do that)

    Download are availible in releases or in spigot project page


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  1. FoxCraftGaming
    Version: 2021-04-08
    first, WOW. This could be sooo great, i love the idea but the water doesnt change in ice. i tryed multiple ways, nothing works. also not in creative mode, but if its going to be fixed, i would love this :D
    1. Optimus_Venatus
      Author's Response
      Hello I have same issue with my smp server
      I think it's due to other plugins incompatibilities.
      Can you give me the list of plugins you have installed on your server ?